“Bike Torque” – Top Gear On Two-Wheels? (Video)

Updated May 28, 2016

Presented by five time MotoGP World Champion Mick Doohan, and starring supermodel Kate Peck and Charley Boorman – could this be the motorcycle world’s equivalent to Top Gear? We hope so. For some reason, Top Gear has always managed to steal the headlines, so hopefully something like “Bike Torque” can give us the regular dose of two-wheeled TV banter that we desperately need. So far, the production team are seeking out $500,000 to film a pilot episode, with plans to raise a further $6.5m for an opening season featuring 13 episodes. (Our source here is Australia based, so whether that’s US dollar or Aussie, isn’t clear – either way, let’s hope they get it!)

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The show plans on riffing off of the current Top Gear format, featuring celebrities such as Tom Cruise, Eric Bana, Brad Pitt, Pink etc etc, as well as world renowned motorcyclists including Valentino Rossi, Wayne Gardner, Kevin Schwanz, Casey Stoner and other motorsport personalities such as Sebastian Vettel, to discuss the ins and outs of the motorcycle world.

It’s been described by executive producer (and funding manager) Clare Katavich as “Top Gear for motorbikes.” Clare continued explaining that “This is more than a sports show but an entertainment show for a wider audience.”

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Provisional show director Mark Toia mentioned that “To shoot bikes is a lot harder than shooting cars. I’ve shot many a motorbike commercial around the world and they are a pretty different animal to cars. You can be a few feet from a car and it’s ok but to get a few feet from a motorcycle with the rider with his knee on the ground is quite daunting.”

“This production will be dialled up a bit from Top Gear to fit a mainstream audience. It has to go in a lot of homes so it has to be better than the average Discovery Channel show.”

The show format is said to include everything from bike reviews, fail-esque clips, motorcycle travel destinations, MotoGP banter, stunting, custom builds, riding tips, gear reviews, and a whole lot more. They’re even thinking of doing a play on the “Star in a Reasonably Priced Car” segment – this one would be called “Celebrity Challenge – Run the Gauntlet” hopefully including celebrities making idiots of themselves.

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It’s about time we got something for us, right? If you want to invest, the numbers are listed below…

Australia: +61 (0)404138028

UK: +44 (0)7721852923.


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