Bizarre But Appealing Mercedes-Benz 240D Sidecar

Published July 21, 2016

How about a 1980s Mercedes 240D inspired bike and sidecar combo?  If you cast you mind back to a few weeks ago, we actually posted a great Mercedes inspired motorcycle concept…but it was nothing like the one that you see before you. This recently surfaced on Jalopnik, and as soon as we saw it, we had to share it. We’re all for exotic customs here at Gear Heads, but this is a little too rich for our tastes…

Merc3 Merc2

At this stage of the game, details about this behemoth are scarce, but the guys at Jalopnik have managed to work out that this isn’t just an odd garage project – it actually sits on display at the Vehoniemi Automobile Museum in Finland. And quite rightly so, because someone has put a lot of effort into this unusual build. Based on a 1981 Mercedes 240D(W123), we’ve got a bike and side car that retains all of the charm of the 80s machine, including the awesome grilles and hubcaps. Apparently, it’s still powered by the 2.4 liter diesel engine from the car, which is just brilliant.

Merc1 Merc4

We’ve seen Lamborghini and Ferrari powered bikes, and collaborations between MV Agusta and Mercedes AMG, but none of them match up to this in terms of design language and sheer enthusiasm. It’s like a Ural and a Goldwing were bred together… and this franken-baby is the result. It’s by no means the most attractive custom bikes we’ve ever seen, but it certainly is one of the more unique machines we’ve stumbled across. Feel free to submit your own creations, if you think you’ve got something even weirder tucked away in your garage…!

(Pics from and Jalopnik)


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