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Chevy Nova SS

10 Cheap Classic Muscle Cars You Can Still Afford

Real muscle cars don’t power the front wheels: they lift them! And, that holds true for all classic muscle cars. Their demand is rising again, and so are their prices. Unfortunately, not everyone is fortunate enough to afford a fully restored classic muscle car. However, there is a piece of good news awaiting classic muscle…

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1969 Pontiac GTO

Top 15 Old School Muscle Cars You Can Buy

Old school muscle cars - who doesn't like them, right? If I told you that you could have one American muscle car of your choice right now, but only one, what would it be? I know, it's hard to choose just one. Don't worry, it's the feeling that every old school muscle car lover has.…

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homemade car jacks

Why Your Classic Car Restoration Never Works Out the Way You Plan

When you are preparing to start classic car restoration, there is nothing you want more than to get that car on the road. The trouble is, most people will make several common mistakes which slows down the process. Here are some reasons why your classic car restoration might not work out the way you plan.…

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The Top 15 Best Car Restoration Projects

Even if you're a gearhead that's only into cars made after you were born (and you were born in the 90's), chances are, you've got a soft spot for a clean and restored classic car. Car restoration is usually reserved for those of us with some disposable income, but that doesn't mean the rest of…

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1971 Ford Baja Bronco

8 of the Coolest Old Ford Trucks Ever to Hit the Road

Ford has built some beautiful, fun and powerful trucks over the years, and we thought it might be fun to have a look back at some of the coolest old Ford trucks they ever put on the road. We've compiled a list of cool old Ford trucks so if you love the original Bronco, have…

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1966 Ford Bronco

10 Classic Cars Americans Love the Most

What classic cars do Americans love? The question is a sound one and we have an answer. Actually, we have ten answers as Hemmings, a classic car authority, compiled a list of classic cars Americans love the most. Apparently, Hemmings analyzed all classified ads they had since 2010 and the results are in. Chevrolet Corvette…

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15 Iconic Cars that Define the United States

The American car industry has given us some of the most iconic nameplates in the world of cars. Classic muscle cars that are slowly becoming extinct, others that people never truly got the chance to appreciate, and even cars that changed the auto industry are all American made. Some of these were great rides which ultimately failed…

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1987 buick gnx

1987 Buick GNX Chassis number #003 To Be Sold At An Auction Next Year

I wrote a fine short article about the best Buick ever - the GNX. Now, there is one for sale. And not just any, mind you. This is the first Buick GNX ever sold to the public. Chassis #003. Considering that #001 and #002 are already owned by GM, this one, the third ever produced…

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1967 Shelby GT500 Fastback

1969 Shelby GT500 Fastback Never Sold In America May Finally Reach Our Soil

For 1969 model year Ford produced exactly 1,402 Shelby GT500 cars. This one is number 500 and it, as seems, never saw the US soil after Ford sold it to a customer in Canada. That may well be its biggest asset at the next scheduled auction at the Mecum Auctions Las Vegas event. Aside from…

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McLaren F1 for sale

Brand-New McLaren F1 For Sale With Only 149 miles On The Clock

As any gearhead knows, the McLaren F1 was the ultimate supercar/hypercar or “whateverCAR” in the Nineties. The Brits made only 106 examples, with 64 of them being road legal; only seven of those 64 were road-legal in the United States. Elon Musk had one, Rowan Atkinson raced and crashed one and all others had been…

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1988 Pontiac Fiero

This 30-Year-Old, 3,000-mile 1988 Pontiac Fiero Has Never Seen a Drop of Rain

After that incredible McLaren F1 and astounding Pontiac Trans Am, we have yet another meticulously preserved car: A 1988 Pontiac Fiero. Ok, I know that this is not exactly the best imaginable car to preserve, yet we find it strangely soothing in all its yellowness. Purchased back in 1988 in Kansas, the Fiero has only…

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15 Rare Classic Muscle Cars We Don’t See On The Roads That Often

Muscle cars are the most coveted types of classic vehicles among Americans. And there's a good reason for that. Classic muscle cars era represents the golden age of the American car industry. The correlation between the two is unavoidable since most people relate to American cars through the muscle car scene of the bygone era.…

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10 Classic American Cars That Changed the Auto Industry Forever

Automotive history officially dates back to 1885 and Karl Benz's Motorwagen; it was the first production vehicle ever. In more than 130 years, the auto industry has filled countless numbers of encyclopedia tomes. Some of them describe successful projects and happy times, while others speak of automotive flops and failures. Whatever the case, auto industry's…

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1932 Ford tudor Sedan Fron 3/4

1932 Ford Sedan Beautified by Meticulous Work and a Surprising Engine

As far as Ford hotrod cars go, this Blackburn’s Sedan based on a 1932 Ford chassis maybe one of the most intriguing builds out there. Developed and built as an ultimate expression of the Hot Rod ethos by Austin Speed Shop – owned by Mike Blackburn – it features an exceptional set of modifications. These…

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1955 Chevy Tri-Five Handyman Wagon – Working Class Car Turned into Royalty

Chevrolet Tri-Fives are some of the best-looking cars ever put on this Earth. That fact is unarguable. But very few of them are as lovely as this here 1955 Tri-Five Handyman wagon - property of a 34-year member of the Minnesota Street Rod Association, Billy Sampson. Billy, who was always a fan of the 1955s,…

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1970 Plymouth Hemi Superbird

Unrestored But Meticulous 1970 Plymouth Hemi Superbird Is Looking For A New Owner

This could be a “dream come true” moment for some. An unrestored 1970 Plymouth is looking for a new owner. Not just any Plymouth either. The Hemi Superbird. Curiously, the car was at an auction lately. In fact, back in December 2016, it was a part of the Mecum auction, but it did not find…

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1966 Restomod Mustang 11

This 1966 Ford Mustang Restomod is Sexy in Black

In my humble opinion, the only thing cooler than a perfectly restored classic car is a restomodded classic car. Restomodding is the practice of taking an old hunk of junk and not only restoring it but updating it with modern fabrications, safety features, powerplants and/or electronic components. Restomods can be anywhere from clean and simple…

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Ferrari with a Chevy Engine Sells on eBay

To many enthusiasts, a Ferrari with a Chevy engine is a monstrosity – an automotive Frankenstein. As distasteful as it may sound, such a project recently sold on eBay. Outside, the car is still a  but under the hood, a 302 ci Chevy V8 replaces the original Colombo V12. If you can get past the…

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Custom One-of-a-kind 1969 Ford Torino GT

David Pearson, a talented Nascar driver from the late 1960’s, took the Holman Moody’s No. 17 Ford Torino to two victories. As a tribute to honor his role in the successful back-to-back NASCAR Grand National championships, Ford and Holman Moody worked together to design Pearson a custom Cobra Torino of his own. Since 1970, David…

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1941 ford truck

1941 Ford Custom Show Truck

How often have you walked around either the local classic car club show or a huge classic car arena and drooled over some astonishingly clean retro rides? Whether your answer falls between "every single weekend" or "that's happened once or twice," there's no doubt you'll enjoy feasting your eyes on this custom 1941 Ford Pickup.…

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The 1970 K5 Blazer We All Wish We Had

One of the sweetest K5 Blazers we've ever seen comes to us from TMI Products. We first laid eyes on the topless beauty at the 2016 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. This 1970 K5 Blazer was restored to have a “nostalgic feel with a modern twist” as desired by Larry Ashley, the head of…

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