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Fisker eMotion with doors open

Future Electric Cars: 10 Things to Expect in 5 Years

Electric vehicles are becoming a popular sight on American roads with many options already available to consumers. In the very near future, we are planning to see an explosion of new electric technology. Here are 10 future electric cars to be on the lookout for. Audi e-Tron Quattro SUV source Leading…

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Lamborghini Terzo Millennio Concept Reimagined With Four New Looks

The Lamborghini Terzo MIllennio is a concept car currently in the works as a high performance EV. With plans to get around current battery tech with supercapacitors, we know it will have serious speed. Even though exotic cars fans will compare it to tuned up combustion driven Lambos, it's growing on us. However, being an…

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A Sneak Peek at The Futuristic McLaren BP23 Hyper-GT

Top manufacturers in the hypercar market can not afford to be left behind. McLaren has this in mind with maybe the most futuristic look we've ever seen. The upcoming BP23 Hyper-GT promises to be something special to replace the 5 year old Project One. McLaren is determined to release the fastest road car they have…

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2018 Chevy Suburban Luke Bryan Concept

Chevy Designs Sporty Concept Suburban for Luke Bryan

I remember when Nike and all of the shoe company started making Air Jordans and other shoes designed for basketball players.  "Some day, I'll have shoes designed for me", I used to tell all of my friends.  However, after seeing the badass concept Chevy Suburban that Chevrolet created for the famous country music star, Luke…

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Mazda Kai Concept

The Mazda Kai Concept Could be the Mazdaspeed3 We’ve All Been Waiting For

The Mazda 3 is already a handsome car, but who knew Japanese designers could stretch the Kodo design language so much to create something like this?! It's called the Mazda Kai Concept, and is perhaps the sexiest hatchback we've seen from the Japanese automaker, or anyone, for that matter. Unveiled next to the Vision Coupe…

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Honda Sports EV Concept Front 3/4

The Honda Sports EV Concept Is Simply Adorable

Warning! Cute car ahead. It’s from Honda. A company that made some seriously dull cars over the years. Now, with the Honda Sports EV Concept they are continuing the resurgence into a more thrilling side. They definitely did it with the Honda Civic Type R, and especially so with the new Acura NSX (c’mon, that…

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20 Outrageously Weird and Futuristic Autonomous and Electric Concept Cars

Concept cars are the industry's best opportunity to showcase what it's capable of. They're often far-off in terms of their production readiness, but they're also usually highly advanced compared to their production concurrents. The same goes for the autonomous and electric concept cars which have been comprising a large chunk of concept cars' totals in…

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Pontiac Firebird TT Concept Front 3/4

This Pontiac Firebird TT Concept Will Leave you Begging for a Comeback

Introduced in 1967 and last seen in 2002, the Pontiac Firebird is one of the few iconic American muscle cars we haven't seen a modern revival of. While there have been some coach-built TransAms coming out of the woodwork, they're really just glorified Camaros. The Pontiac Firebird TT Concept, however, is a completely refreshed, unique…

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2032 McLaren hypercar profile

Next McLaren Halo Hypercar Digitally Envisioned

We're already in an unprecedented time of monstrous hypercars, but what about the next generation of halo hypercars? Are these projects from Mercedes-AMG and Aston Martin (the Project One and the Valkyrie) pointing us in the right direction or we can actually expect something even more outrageous on the market? The whole world of car…

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Rezvani Tank

The Rezvani Tank is a Sci-Fi Ready HEMI Wrangler

Remember Rezvani and their Ariel Atom-based sports cars? Apparently, they decided it was time to make a tank, and what better name to call it by, than Tank? Yes, it is actually called the Rezvani Tank. The company describes it as a Tactical Urban XUV (extreme utility vehicle), whatever the hell that means. Important stuff…

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Volkswagen supercar

10 Supercar Concept Renders that will Never See the Light of Day

Jennings Motor Group, a car dealership conglomerate from the UK, has tasked itself with a rather interesting endeavor. They focused their rendering efforts to create unique supercar designs for manufacturers that do not, in fact, have supercars at all. And we like it. In a series of pictures embedded here, Jennings Motor Group presents supercars…

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modern Ferrari 288 GTO

Modern Ferrari 288 GTO Concept Leaves us Drooling

Before the famed Ferrari F40, there was another car which was equally stunning, insanely fast and ridiculously rare - the Ferrari 288 GTO. With only 272 units produced from 1984 to 1987, the 288 GTO was the predecessor to what would become the Ferrari F40. Let's take a quick look at the numbers before we jump…

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Wicked Toyota 86 Concept Draws Attention

The Toyota 86 and its fraternal twin, the Subaru BRZ, have always been favorites in the tuner community. Their light weight, rear-wheel drive platform, makes them the perfect canvas for modification. Digital illustrator Jon Sibal cashed in on the appeal of these cars with his own stunning rendition of a custom Toyota 86. Laying eyes…

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Breathtaking Concept Depicts the Next Generation Bugatti Chiron

A three-million-dollar price tag, a top speed of 261 mph and 1,500 horsepower on tap. That sums up the current Bugatti Chiron. What will the next generation ultimate super car be like? According to Bugatti CEO Wolfgang Dürheimer, we might have to wait until 2032 to know for sure. But world-renowned artist Adrian Biggins couldn’t…

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koenigsegg one:1

Koenigsegg One:1 as an Off-Roader You Never Thought Possible

We never thought we’d see a Rolls-Royce Wraith with winter camouflage, rally inspired LEDs and massive wheels, but we certainly did when Jon Olson made it. We also never thought we’d never see the Audi A3 Sportback without a roof and 6 doors, but we got that too after some Audi apprentices got bored in…

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Now You Can Dream of Owning an Off-Road Subaru BRZ

Yet another artist's rendition of a sports car jacked up on off-road tires has popped up online. This time it is not a million dollar Chiron or Off-Road Model X. No, it is something more subtle in the tune of a Subaru BRZ. The BRZ is a rival to the Mazda MX-5 and Porsche Boxster…

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Infiniti Prototype 9

Infiniti Prototype 9 Concept – A Throwback To A Time When Infiniti Did Not Exist At All

Infiniti didn't even exist before 1989, but at the latest Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance the American spawn of Nissan revealed a concept car looking like a 1930’s racer. A nod to something from Infiniti’s history? Of course not. This is just an after-work Infiniti employees project that was simply too beautiful not to become a real…

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American Super-Luxury Cars Live On

There was a time in America’s history that we were known for having the most luxurious cars available. That role was taken over by brands like Rolls-Royce, Bentley, and Mercedes, and we have never gotten it back. That’s not to say that America has not cranked out some classy cars in the last few decades,…

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Zarooq SandRacer 500GT

The Zarooq SandRacer 500GT – A $450,000 Off-Road Supercar

It's a given that the Arabs go all out when it comes to cars. Just Google Dubai and you'll stumble upon a treasure trove of gold-plated supercars and some of the world's most insane police interceptors. Keeping in the fashion of going way over-the-top on their vehicles, Zarooq, a UAE-based vehicle manufacturer, recently released its first…

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The Rock`s new movie will feature old 2004 Ford Bronco Concept

One of the biggest action movie stars, Dwayne ‘The Rock' Johnson, will star in “Rampage” movie which is set to premiere in 2018. However, he is not the only familiar face we will see as his ride in the movie is a 2004 Ford Bronco Concept. You might ask yourself why the movie from 2018…

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Demon Cop Car

840 HP Dodge Demon Cop Car Would Be The Meanest Thing On Street

All of us gearheads have been waiting for this - an awesome Dodge Demon cop car. Ok, it did not happen yet in the real world, but this rendered version certainly gave us a lot to think about. 3D rendering artist Aksyonov Nikita envisioned the cop Challenger Demon by giving it all a cop car…

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