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kid caught speeding

Top 20 Excuses for Speeding

  Speeding tickets are such a drag, but the fact of the matter is that they also drive a lot of revenue for governments around the world.  There are an estimated 35 million speeding tickets issued each year in the United States alone that total approximately $5 billion dollars for local government throughout the country.…

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McLaren 570S London crash

Super Series McLaren 570S Obliterated in London Crash

We've got some sad news, folks. A beautiful McLaren 570S Super Series has been wrecked in London, and it has not gone unnoticed. The car was seriously damaged. So much so that the car more closely resembles a scrapyard cube than a British supercar. Nevertheless, the video I embedded will show you all the gore…

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funny do not read sign

20 of the Most Ridiculous Traffic Rules in the United States

It’s amazing how many laws and traffic rules the United States has in effect, and just because people lack a little thing called “common sense”.  In fact, the United States has so many laws, that there are three branches of governments that do almost nothing but bump out laws all day, every day, all year…

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Crashed Porsche Found at Base of Cliff

Stolen Porsche Discovered at Base of a Cliff After 27 Years

A man’s child was kidnapped and just recently found abandoned in the woods in Jackson County, Oregon.  The child was a 1979 Porsche 924 that went missing all the way back in 1991.  According to a local news station, Komo News, after nearly 30 years, the Porsche was spotted by a man walking his dog…

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Fox News' Judge Jeanine Pirro

Fox News Judge Slapped with Speeding Ticket in Ironic Twist

It is true that we all try and get away with breaking a few rules here and there, and it is true that most of us will get caught eventually. News contributors and Judges are no exception to the law, and one woman who holds both titles found that out when she came face to…

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Chevrolet Cruze CLK55

This Chevrolet Cruze is Cosplaying As A Mercedes-Benz CLK55 AMG

We get the feeling that the owner of this Chevrolet Cruze wasn't exactly sober-minded when they decided to turn the car into a freaking Mercedes-Benz AMG. Yes, it happened; where other than down under? In Melbourne, you see. Now, the car in question isn’t actually a Chevrolet Cruze, but a Holden Cruze translated into something that resembles…

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Police chase in Georgia with McLaren 720S

Wasted Guy in McLaren 720S Takes Cop for a 155 MPH Joy Ride

  Let’s face it, the vast majority of us have always wanted to be chased by the police in a badass car that a cop wouldn’t stand a chance against (as long as we weren’t really facing a hell of a prison sentence).  However, it shocks me that there are still tons of morons out…

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Suspect Standing in Field During OKC Police Pursuit

Facebook-Live Thief Steals Truck and Leads Police on 3-hour Chase

Earlier today, a young who later identified himself as Brenton Hager on a facebook-live video (that he filmed in middle of the high-speed police pursuit), stole a truck and trailer and led police on one of the craziest, action-packed police pursuits that we’ve seen in a long time. The police chase is said to have…

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McLaren P1 Roasting

A McLaren P1 Bursts into Flames and Nobody’s Sure Why(Video)

Calling all auto insurance investigators!  Check out this footage of a McLaren P1 that seems to have caught fire in the streets of the UK.  There is already a lot of speculation among internet users as to what has caused the fire, but we'd love to hear your thoughts as well! If you're a Mclaren…

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Challenger Hellcat hail damage front 3/4

You Just Missed $25,000 Discount on a Challenger Hellcat

Hail damage! That was the trick. A rather fine Dodge Challenger Hellcat with only 41 miles on the clock appeared for sale on and it was going for peanuts. The bid from only a few days ago was $48,000, which meant that the buyer would save more than 25 grand over buying a new…

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Wrecked Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster front 3/4

Brand New Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster Crashed But You Can Have It For $200,000

With only 500 units produced, the Lamborghini Aventador SV is easily one of the most valuable automobiles in the world. Now, there are 499 left. Or, at least 499 and a half. The owner of this stunning blue Aventador SV Roadster probably made a pass a little bit too fast (not particularly hard to do…

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Stolen Lamborghini Bursts into Flames After Pursuit

Being a valet can be a tough job with minimal pay and crotchety customers. In Dallas, Texas one valet had a particularly bad day when two teens assaulted him during a Lamborghini heist. The assailants, 18-year-old William Caston and 19-year-old Dez Montayevian Bell, took the Lambo on a joy ride after pummeling the valet. Unfortunately…

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Police Chase Dodge Challenger Straight into a Museum

It takes great talent – or great stupidity – to crash your car into an auto museum. Dakota Eckmann, it seems, has chosen the latter to do so. The 22-year old was recently spotted by police officers speeding in his 2014 Dodge Challenger. He was doing over 84 mph on a local road, so officers pursued.…

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Multi-Million Dollar Supercars Damaged at French Hotel

Cruuunch – the sound your subcompact car makes as it scrapes across a speed bump is like fingernails on a chalk board. But, think how you’d feel if you were driving a 3-million-dollar Bugatti Chiron? Recently, two Bugatti owners had a bumper-dragging experience at the Hotel Carlton in Cannes, France. An onlooker first saw a…

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Man Vandalizes Rolls-Royce Bentley dealership, Causing $500,000 in Damage

Jealousy can be an ugly thing. Recently, a 32-year old man let envy take the wheel as a he slammed his Honda into cars at a Rolls-Royce Bentley dealership. At least resentment towards rich people and their $250,000 cars is the inferred motive. Or maybe the guy just forgot to take his meds. The scene…

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Drunk 23-Year Old Crashes Rented Lamborghini

Crash a minivan and no one blinks an eye. Crash a supercar? Now that’s a different story. Recently, a 23-year old man learned that lesson the hard way when he wrecked a rented Lamborghini Huracan while driving under the influence. The speeding Lamborghini was first spotted by police in Edmonds, Washington. Behind the wheel was…

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Ferrari 488 GTB Crash

Mazda Crushes Ferrari 488 In Kamikaze Turn (Video)

A small CX-3 crossover was recently hit by a Ferrari 488 GTB really, really hard, instantly turning the supercar into a pile of rubble on a South African street. Interestingly enough, no one is actually sure who is the one to blame for this bizarre accident. We do have a video though. While it seems that the…

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wind turbine

Autobahn Shuts Down Due to Wind Turbine Crash

Three of the largest wind turbine producers in the world operate out of Germany, so it's definitely not unheard of to see turbine parts commuting down the autobahn from time-to-time. Most of us have driven behind a blade or a base on the highway by now, and usually without incident...if you keep your distance that is.…

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Lamborghini Huracan crash

Lamborghini Huracan Crash In Hollywood Did Not Go Unnoticed

Hollywood is not exactly the promised land, but they do have one thing that we mere mortals crave - a lot of expensive cars and supercars. And with so many big-boy toys, illegal street racing and crashes are, from a practical standpoint, inevitable. Take for example this Lamborghini Huracan crash right in the heart of Hollywood.…

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Ford F-150 Raptor Takes a Dive into a Swimming Pool and Traps 68-year Old Woman Inside (Video)

Ford F-150 Raptor is one extremely capable off-road pickup truck which can traverse any terrain. Except water, it would seem. Especially water enclosed by tight swimming pool's walls. A sobering reality which one Raptor's owner learned the hard way earlier this month. At around 4:30 PM, on July 7, out of control Ford F-150 Raptor…

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Out of gas South Dakota

A Moron Runs Out of Gas, Steals A Cop Car, Runs Out Of Gas Again

Stealing a Ferrari and running out of gas was some next level idiot stuff. But this, this is something from another world. Picture this. Troy James runs out of gas and called for assistance on Highway 281 near the town of Tulare. Cops responded and came with the squad car. Then, this guy who called…

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