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GMC Sierra 1500 front 3/4 view

What’s Hot and What’s Not in the 2020 GMC Lineup

GM's trucks, SUVs, and commercial vehicles division is riding a wave of strong sales which are only expected to increase further in the coming years. After locking the best sales record in the U.S. since 2004, in 2017, their fully redesigned half-ton and heavy-duty trucks are expected to help them achieve the above stated goal…

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Ford Bronco rendering from the Bronco6G Forum

What’s Hot and What’s Not in the 2020 Ford Lineup

The second largest U.S. car maker has caused a bit of a stir when the announcement of axing all passenger cars except the Mustang and Focus hatchback from the domestic market came to pass. This will see the likes of Fiesta, Fusion, and Taurus bow down after hundreds of thousands of sold units and many…

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Replacing Air Filter

Keep Your Vehicle Running with This Car Tune Up Checklist

You always hear about how important it is to “tune-up” your car, but do you really know what that entails? A modern tune-up is entirely different from what we did years ago. Today, it mainly consists of checking over components of the car and ensuring everything is in working order. With our car tune up…

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2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Work Truck - left side view

10 Most Affordable Single Cab Trucks

As pickup trucks become more popular, drivers use them more and more for regular transportation. They used to be for work purposes only, which is when the single cab trucks were popular. Now, they need to be comfortable, have lots of seating, and feature all the regular car amenities. That’s why it’s hard to find…

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Ferrari 812 Superfast front 3/4 view

What’s Hot and What’s Not in the 2020 Ferrari Lineup

The famous Italian luxury sports car manufacturer is falling behind in the sales race due to all of its competitors now essentially fielding an SUV in their lineups. With the Ferrari SUV/crossover yet to show its face, the Maranello company still records more than admirable results. They've shipped a total of 8,398 vehicles worldwide during 2017…

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before and after car seats

Best Car Seat Shampoo 2018

Your car’s interior says more about you than it does your car. No one wants to sit on dirty car seats. Using car seat shampoo on a regular basis is great for your interior and anyone who sits in it. Why Use Car Interior Shampoo on Your Car No car seat can ever be truly…

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2016 Chevrolet Camaro - right front view

10 Best 4 Seat Convertibles

When you think of a sleek convertible, most often it’s the two-passenger models that come to your mind. That’s the main variety we see in the media, and most associated with fun. The trouble is, they just aren’t practical. When you want to take a long an extra friend or you have family in tow,…

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2017 Fiat 500 - left front view

15 Cute Cars for Teen Drivers

When it’s time to purchase your teen’s first car, there are a lot of emotions happening. They want one thing and you often want something else for them. That’s why we’ve put together a list of some cute cars to make them happy, while still offering you the peace of mind knowing they’re driving a…

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1974 Blue Rodger Dodger - Hot Wheel

10 Most Expensive Hot Wheels

Once upon a time, we all dumped out our Hot Wheels onto the floor and spent time mercilessly crashing them into one another. As we’ve gotten older, we start to see the beauty in the Hot Wheel more and more. Every time we see one, it brings us back to our childhood and creates warm…

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Toyota Corolla AE86 - right side view

10 Best Drift Cars of All Time

Drifting is a sport that’s taking the nation by storm. It doesn’t surprise any of us considering it has exceptional entertainment value; more so than any other motorsport around. What could be better than seeing powerful cars tilting sideways as they roll down the track at breakneck speeds? Of course, driving one of the best…

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1955 Porsche 550 RS - Seinfeld collection

10 Stunning Facts about the Jerry Seinfeld Car Collection

For decades now, America has had a fascination with Jerry Seinfeld. He’s not just a famous stand-up comedian, but also known for being the star of a self-titled sitcom. He’s a household name in the industry which is part of the reason Wealthy Gorilla estimates his net worth at $950 million. With all that wealth…

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2017 GMC Sierra - left front view

10 Most Affordable Crew Cab Trucks

If you are in the market for a pickup truck, you know there’s a nice selection of options out there. The trouble is, not all of them are affordable. If you need to stick to a budget, you need to become a picky shopper. To help you find the best crew cab trucks, we’ve put…

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2014 Chevrolet Silverado - front

15 Best Used Trucks Under 10000

Trucks are one of America’s favorite vehicles. They handle work and play seamlessly while offering plenty of room for people and cargo alike. You can use one to tow, build, and enjoy some recreational time. If you can’t afford a brand-new truck, there are still plenty of good options available to you. We’ve put together…

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Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye front 3/4 view

What’s Hot and What’s Not in the 2020 Dodge Lineup

As the smallest of the "big trio" of American car manufacturers, Chrysler was always destined for tumultuous periods from time to time. Dodge, however, was always one of their most important aspects and that still hasn't changed. Even after the Ram trucks spun off to become a separate line of their own, Dodge's sales were…

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2011 Chevrolet Camaro SLP ZL1 - right rear view

10 Fastest Camaros of All Time (And 5 Slowest)

Since 1966, the Chevrolet Camaro has been an American muscle car favorite. It’s been the Mustang’s main rival and has given the country something to debate about. In 2016, the sixth generation was launched and immediately awarded Motor Trend’s Car of the Year award. The current generation offers plenty of variants, but what is the…

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costco auto

Costco Car Buying vs. Buying at the Dealership

There’s no question that shopping for a car overwhelms most people. Even when you know exactly what you want, you have to spend time at the dealership haggling over prices and then secure financing. Purchasing a car, whether new or used, requires a good amount of research and time investment. What if there was a…

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Chrysler Pacifica front 3/4 view

What’s Hot and What’s Not in the 2020 Chrysler Lineup

Chrysler's sales still haven't hit their lowest point in recent decades although they're certainly on the path to doing so. One of two FCA namesake brands has managed to market only 188,545 vehicles in the U.S. during 2017 which is perilously close to their 2009 recession minimum of 177,015 units. What's more, the first three quarters of…

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JVC KW-V830BT Double DIN

Best Double Din Head Unit

With the best double din head unit, you have a more desirable setup than with the smaller single din. Not only do you get a larger display, but they normally come with many more features as well. In addition, a double din stereo adds value and a more modern look to your vehicle. We’ve reviewed…

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dirty car seats

Best Car Seat Cleaner 2018

It doesn't matter if you drive the slickest speed machine in the world. If your car seats are stained, dirty and grubby, your car will never be the hot rod you want it to be. If you have dirty car seats, the first step to hot rod perfection is purchasing the best car seat cleaner…

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2019 Chevrolet Equinox LT - interior view

10 Best Affordable SUVs with a Panoramic Sunroof

As technology and innovations increase, today’s vehicles are outfitted with more indulgent features. One of the most popular today is the panoramic sunroof. The trouble with this feature is that it’s often bundled with some high-level trims and packages. This makes it nearly impossible for many consumers to afford them, until now. We’ve put together…

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2018 Ram ProMaster - right rear view

8 Best Cargo Work Vans (And Which to Avoid)

With the latest innovations and newest technologies, choosing the best cargo work vans is tricky business. You want to make sure you have the space you need plus all the features you desire. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the eight best cargo vans on the market right now, and a couple you’ll…

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