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8 Stars With Modified Cars

Many celebrities not only have the cash for flash rides, but also seek to make a statement with their choice of opulent transport (even if that statement is just “Look, I have the cash for this opulent transport!”) Here are some of the more interesting, eccentric and perhaps surprising stars’ cars.   WILL.I.AM’s DELOR.I.AM  In…

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The 5 Most Unfairly Maligned Cars Ever

There are poor cars that deserve the reputation that's been handed them. Whether they suffer from low power, short engine life, have issues with corrosion, or just plain miserable styling , those are the attributes of a car that deserves a bad reputation. Here we have a list of cars that have been wrongly accused…

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Maximus/Minimus Food Truck

The Coolest Food Trucks In The World

Food trucks are now ubiquitous. From their humble roots as rolling cafeterias serving job sites and small businesses, food trucks have made a remarkable transformation. Now you can find a food truck serving just about any cuisine on the planet, and in some cities, trucks line up for a block or more in areas with…

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The Knee-Capper

Ugly Aftermarket Wheels

With so many great looking aftermarket wheels, why would a company make an ugly one? Here's a few of our "favorites". Ronal Teddy Bear Wheel I think I've seen these once on the road, and I have no idea who might be buying them, but Ronal has been making them for over 10 years. The…

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The MG Metro is one of the most famous rally cars in the circuit

5 of the Wildest, Fire-Belching, Overpowered Rally Cars Ever

In an effort to reduce the myriad number of classes across motorsports the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile introduced a set of rules to simplify car classifications across both road racing and rallying. Group A was intended for production-based vehicles with small displacement engines. Group C was for prototype race cars like the Porsche 962. Group…

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Pegaso Bisiluro Race Car

8 of the Weirdest Race Cars You’ve Never Seen

After a few decades of design evolution, we've recently re-entered an area of unusual race cars - designs we've never seen before or concepts that haven't been in use for decades. Take for example the Delta Wing, its jet fighter body matched to a narrow front track, combining light weight with low aerodynamic drag.  While…

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8 Racers Hotter than Danica Patrick

8 Female Racers Hotter than Danica Patrick

Danica Patrick has established herself as the hottest female driver around, but we beg to differ. Below are eight female race drivers who bump Danica out of the starting field in the looks department. But before we begin, for years there have been male race car drivers who've been considered hunks, studs, hot, dreamboats, or…

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10 Mind-bending Chalk Auto Art Illustrations

I'm certain that most everyone who is reading this has seen some sort of artwork that's a distorted perspective that requires you to stand in a specific place for the full effect. It's also used at Formula 1 race tracks where a logo is stretched and distorted when viewed in person, but appears correct when…

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Vector WX8

Six Rare Cars You Can’t Afford (And That May Not Even Exist)

For many super-affluent auto buyers, exclusivity is essential to luxury. While an obscure bespoke marque might lack the broad brand recognition and mainstream prestige of, say, a Lamborghini or Bentley, beyond-boutique builders can offer more than just handcrafted excellence and money-no-object individuality. With production limited to just a handful of vehicles each year (or even…

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TransAm Profile

Why You Should Appreciate 1980s Performance Cars

The decade of excess is not often grouped among the great automotive eras, but it should be. In fact, not only should it be warmly remembered for producing some truly memorable performance machines, it should be regarded quite simply as the single most important period in the history of the automobile. There's just something special,…

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1970 Oldsmobile 442 W-30

The Top Ten American Muscle Cars and What They Are Worth

In the 1960s,a new breed of automobiles called Muscle Cars emerged from Detroit. This was during an era defined by unrestrained consumption and dirt cheap gasoline. The term Muscle Cars generally refers to “American-built two-door cars with large engines built for high-performance”.  In general, American muscle cars did not have sophisticated chassis modifications, such as…

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The Subaru Outback

The Best Family Cars On The Market Today

Your family is very important, which is why you need to choose a vehicle that is safe and reliable. There are plenty of makes and models to choose from, but you need to find a car that’s affordable, comfortable and can accommodate your family and your lifestyle. If you’re in the market for a great…

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Automotive Locksmith Tools

Automotive locksmiths used to have it pretty easy when someone locked his or her keys in the car. In most cases, a well-placed slim jim lock pick was all it took to pop the car door's lock. The longest part of the process for the person who was locked out was waiting for the locksmith…

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Mercedes-Benz M Class - Best Used Luxury SUV

Best Used Luxury SUV’s Over 45k

While the recovery may seem slow car sales have been quite high. Many people are buying both new and used suv's. Buying used is always a little tricky but doing your used suv research can help a lot. Fortunately we compiled this used suv series to help you. Today we will look at the best used, midsize,…

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20 Interesting and Random Facts About Cars

Let's be real, none of these auto facts are going to make you a millionaire or get you a college degree. However, they could help you win a bar argument or game of trivia. We made a list of 20 random facts in no particular order. 1. The most stolen car in the United States…

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The 2013 Dodge Dart – The Poison Dart that Killed the Caliber

For those who actually like the Dodge Caliber, you can say rest in peace after its short five-year run, soon to be replaced by the 2013 Dodge Dart. For me, it is more like good riddance to the funny-looking car that to me resembled a hippopotamus. The only thing it had going for it was…

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