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10 of the Coolest Japanese Cars of the ’60s

Some of the coolest small-bore cars from the '60s never made it from Japan to the US. Here are 10 hot little cars that we missed out on. In some cases, there was limited supplies of high-performance engines and a concern that Americans would pay a premium for what was then thought of as cheap…

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7 Odd Ball Cars That Could Only Come From The ’60s

The 60s were a time of change, in cars as will as the culture. Compare the cars here from the early 60s to those from later in the decade and you'll see. The flash, chrome, and fins had given way to a more authentic look. Cars looked like what they were supposed to be be:…

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Seven Road Burning Chevy II Nova Resto Mods

The Nova has always been the little brother to the Chevelle and Camaro. Well, no longer as it's become a fav of Resto Mod builders. Here are 7 of the best. First, to A. educated the uninitiated, and B. attempt to stop the flamers (who won't read this part anyway), what we think of collective…

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Seven Fabulous El Camino Resto Mods

The El Camino makes an excellent candidate for a Resto Mod conversion, with its unique styling and parts compatibility with other Chevys. Click Next to view our list of 7 great ones. Launched originally for the 1959 model year, the first version of the El Camino was based on the full-sized Chevy wagons. While a…

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7 Wild and Weird Ford Concept Cars

Many concept cars preview upcoming models to gauge public reaction to new designs. Others are designs intended to stretch the state-of-the-art but often manage to end up looking strange, and over time, even stranger. Here are 7 of the best (or worst) Ford concept cars , depending upon your opinion.   Ford Start The Ford…

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59 impala fins

19 Fantastically Flowing Fins From the Fifties

Towards the end of the 1950s, car makers decided that they wanted their cars to fly. Well, they wanted to make it look like they could fly. America was air-bound with passenger planes, and on the verge of space travel. And, in fact, GM designer Harley Earl gives credit to a plane for inspiration to…

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Cheap Thrills – 7 Fun Cars Starting at $3K

Not all car fun has to be expensive. We've selected 7 cars you can pick up on the cheap and either drive as-is or upgrade, without spending a lot of dough. Of the cars we've selected for this "Cheap Thrills" list, we went for the price mid-point and maybe a little below. You can spend…

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Ford Has 8 Cool 2016 Models They Won’t Sell You

Mustang, Raptor, & GT are great Ford vehicles. But there are Ford models sold around the world that we can't buy here. Let's take a look at 8 of the best. One vehicle you'll note that's not on this list is the Ford Ranger. The reason for that is, at the time of this writing,…

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Top 10 Most Searched Sports Cars on Google (#8 Surprised Us)

While your definition of a sports car may differ from Google's, you'll have to admit there are some surprises on this list, including a long dead muscle car. This is really just for fun as I wouldn't put too much stock in these numbers. When looking at trending car models, the Lamborghini Huracán was at…

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Bed Extender

9 Top Mods for Your Pickup Truck

The pickup truck. So American. So manly (or womanly for you ladies). So ready to work and play all at the same time. But, after you get your truck, you don't want it looking, sounding or just generally acting like all of the other lame trucks out on the road, right? Nah, of course not.…

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The 15 Most Ridiculously Epic DIY Car Repair Fails

Here are some of the worst DIY repairs that drivers have made on their cars. Clearly they don't mind laughing and pointing because they're out on the roads. When you check out these "repairs" you'll be asking yourself whether it wouldn't have been easier just to have fixed the problem in the proper manner than…

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10 Inexcusable Automotive Gaffes

I totally understand that mistakes happen, even in the automotive world. However, there are mistakes that don’t really do much damage and eventually fade away, but then there are gaffes that buyers will never forget. We looked back into automotive history and picked out the 10 most inexcusable automotive gaffes of all time and listed…

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10 of the Fastest European Cars From the 90s

Last time we spoke about the fastest cars from the 90s, we looked at cars that came from Japanese automotive manufacturers. This time, we'll look at those speedy cars that came from European makers. The cars range from exotics to sedans, but all have one thing in common: they were the fastest cars coming out…

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7 Facts You Probably Don’t Know About The Ford F-Series

As the most popular vehicle in America, you'd think we'd all know more about Ford F-Series pickups. Here are some secrets about the F Series we've uncovered.   The First F-Series Ford introduced the F-Series for the 1948 model year. Unlike earlier light trucks (going back to the Model T) the F-Series was built on…

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10 Best Performance Trucks

Performance trucks are not a new addition to the automotive segment, though they have exploded in popularity since the early 2000s. These are true oddballs in the industry, as trucks are traditionally not great at handling, and even with extensive chassis upgrades, they are still not very graceful in the twist. Despite their lack of…

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8 More Female Racers Hotter Than Danica Patrick

A popular post has been talented racers who are also beautiful women. Here's another group of 8 gorgeous drivers who we're sure will become your favorites. As before, our yardstick is the famous Danica Patrick, who demonstrated that not just male drivers with perfect teeth, perfect hair, and a perfect 6-pack could be sex symbols.…

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Top 10 Selling Cars of All Times (9 is a bit of a surprise)

To become one of the most popular cars in history requires the manufacturer to understand and meet customer needs. Here are the 10 cars that set the records. Click on next (below) to see all top 10 selling cars.   10. Chevrolet Impala Introduced in 1958 GM, the Chevrolet Impala has sold over 14 million…

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10 Best Cars for Tuners

Modifying cars has been around since we first started fixing motors to horse carriages. Today, however, the tuning industry has become massive, and buyers scramble to find the best cars to tune. Below, we’ve assembled a list of out 10 favorite cars to tune.   Honda Civic Talking about best tuner cars and not mentioning…

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Inside A Nitro Burning Top Fuel Engine: The Most Extreme Environment on Earth

Where are pressures higher than on Venus and temps hotter than liquid lava? Inside a Top Fuel motor where bearings get flattened and valve springs collapse under enormous pressures lasting just a few seconds. Let take a look inside, from a safe distance, and see how a 50 year-old engine design is able to produce…

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The Top 10 Quickest Ever Ford Factory-Built Mustangs (#7 is a steal)

Our list of fastest Mustangs may surprise you. There's one model in the list only a few years old that can be bought for under $20K, with neck-snapping 0-60 times. You'll notice that every car here was built after 2000 - there's no a single Mustang from the Classic Muscle Car era on the list.…

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The Strange & Unusual Beginnings of 8 Different Car Companies

The image of a pioneering carmaker is often that of Henry Ford, someone whose main goal was to be able to build cars. These 8 came to it in a more roundabout way in ventures to becoming great car companies. Lamborghini, Strong Like Tractor Ferruccio Lamborghini, an Italian farm tractor and equipment manufacturer, founded Automobili…

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