Polaris Slingshot - Spitire's Revenge SSV Works 2

10 Badass Polaris Slingshot Customs

This is what happens when some of the coolest custom garages get their hands on the Polaris Slingshot – it might have more wheels than most motorcyclists are used to, and one less than a conventional car, but the Slingshot is one hell of a weapon, and here are our favorite custom builds. If you’re…

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10 Things That Make A Scrambler Motorcycle A Scrambler Motorcycle

Another day, another scrambler motorcycle on the market, but what makes a scrambler a true scrambler motorcycle? Are these modern models built for real off-roading or are they merely aesthetic? Here are 10 things that define a real scrambler motorcycle, and they’re important things to consider if you ever feel like building your own. But…

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Make Your Motorcycle Faster

10 Tricks That Will Make Your Motorcycle Faster

There’s no easy way to simply make your motorcycle faster without investing big bucks, but what smaller tricks are out there to help you squeeze some extra power out of your bike without breaking the bank? There are a few tried and tested ways to improve your motorcycles performance, but if you’re expecting a dramatic…

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Motorcycle School - Social 2

10 Things They Don’t Teach You At Motorcycle School

What were the things you wished they taught you on your first day of motorcycle school? Don’t worry, this isn’t a patronizing list that tells you what you already know, it’s just there to point out some of those things we wished we knew when we first got on two wheels. Lists like this are…

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Naked Bikes - Suzuki GSX-S1000Z

Top 10 Fast And Furious Naked Bikes That Are Perfect For Any Rider

Naked bikes aren’t simply de-tuned sports machines with the plastics removed – they’re so much more than that. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and they’re capable of a wide range of tasks, but which ones are the best? Which ones offer the most bang for your buck? And most importantly,…

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Electric Dirt Bike - Tacita T-Race Enduro

12 Innovative Electric Dirt Bike Machines For Tackling Tough Trails

So, what about an electric dirt bike? No fuel, no fumes, no noise pollution, no clutch, and no fuss – but many riders are still reluctant to turn their backs on convention and go electric. Hopefully, this list of the best electric dirt bike models will be enough to tempt you into giving one a…

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American Motorcycles - Indian Scout Bobber

10 Best Modern American Motorcycles On The Road

There’s no shortage of Japanese machines on the market, but what about some good old fashioned, patriotic, American motorcycles to fawn over instead? With global motorcycle sales flagging, we decided to take a look at some of our home grown industry and see what the best American made motorcycles are. If you’re looking for a…

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Dirt Bike Brands - Rieju Marathon 200 Pro

10 Excellent Dirt Bike Brands You Have Never Heard Of

In the market for a new off-roader? Before you commit to the usual Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha or KTM, why not check out some other quality dirt bike brands that you may not have heard of first? As much as we love the motorcycles manufactured by the biggest industry names, there’s a whole world of variety…

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Dream Sportsbike - Honda NR750

10 Sportsbike Models You Need In Your Dream Garage!

In an imaginary world where you have infinite garage space and an unlimited budget, what sportsbike would be your number one, must-have purchase? But let’s not settle on one, how about 10 instead? And before this pipe-dream goes too far, lets lay down some ground rules. For a start, your dream sportsbike options have to…

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Track Motorcycle - Ducati Monster

10 Great Track Motorcycle Options For Budget Conscious Racers

If you’re considering buying a dedicated track motorcycle for thundering around your local circuit on a track day, then we’ve got some great advice for you. If you’re prepared to part with your hard cash you’d better do your research. For most riders out there, you probably don’t even need a special bike to give…

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Yamaha R3 3

Top 10 Easy Mods You Can Do To Improve Your Yamaha R3!

Realistically, you’ve got to understand the limitations of a bike like the Yamaha R3. Similar to the Kawasaki Ninja 300, Honda CBR300RR, or Suzuki GSX-250R – which are all great bikes – the best way of getting better performance or increasing your road presence is by upgrading to a bigger motorcycle. But that’s not exactly…

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Electric Bike - Energica Ego

10 Motorcycles That Should Convince You To Buy An Electric Bike!

What would it take to tempt you to take an electric bike out for a spin? For many motorcyclists, the idea of going electric is too abhorrent to even consider and sure, there are some good reasons to give the electric bike a miss. For the most part they’re prohibitively expensive. Next, most places don’t…

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Kawasaki Ninja - ZX-10R 2016

The 10 Best Kawasaki Ninja Models In History!

Depending on how you count, the Kawasaki Ninja name has been attributed to no less than 30 motorcycles since it first appeared in 1984 – but which Ninja models are the best? By rights, they’re all great and worthy of praise, since no other motorcycle is as identifiable as a Kawasaki Ninja. Seriously, go and…

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Crotch Rocket - 1998 Yamaha YZF-R1

10 Badass Motorcycles That Redefined Crotch Rockets!

The crotch rocket has come in various forms over the past decades but there were a few models that really changed the game. Some of these revolutionary sports bikes brought sophisticated aerodynamics to the table, others championed the use of innovative on board technology, but they all managed to take the idea of speed to…

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Motorcycle Sidecar - Cover

10 Fearsome Motorcycle Sidecar Rigs From World War Two!

When you think of motorcycle sidecars, you might think of the dangerous sport of sidecar racing, or a mustached hipster riding around town on a Ural, but it’s more likely that you imagine a military motorcycle with a sidecar charging around Europe during World War II with a big machine gun strapped to it.  These…

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KTM Dirt Bikes - 2018 KTM 300 XC-W Six Days

10 Of The Best KTM Dirt Bikes You Can Buy Right Now

Over the last twenty years, KTM dirt bikes have consistently set the industry standard, and their motorcycles have been praised and lauded by pretty much anyone who has ever taken one for a ride. While KTM’s road line-up is worthy of a list in its own right, we’re here to talk about KTM dirt bikes…

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Custom Harleys - Rough Crafts Urban Cavalry

10 Maverick Custom Harleys That Break The Standard HD Stereotype

Scramblers, flat trackers, café racers, stretched sport bikes, and custom Harleys: you’d think that by now we’d have seen it all, but there are plenty of custom builders out there surprising us at every turn. When you think of scramblers, you think of chunky tires and long travel suspension. Flat trackers need a racing number…

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Scrambler Motorcycle - Triumph Street Scrambler

10 Modern Takes On The Classic Scrambler Motorcycle

Over the past few years we’ve seen the re-emergence of a few old school styles, like café racers and flat trackers, but none of them have made as big a splash as the scrambler motorcycle. The scrambler style has literally revived itself from obscurity and is now growing from strength to strength as more and…

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Scooters For Sale - Aprilia SR Factory

12 Awesome 50cc Scooters For Sale In The USA!

There are a surprising amount of decent 50cc scooters for sale in the USA, and it’s not hard to see why. Sometimes owning a big motorcycle isn’t necessary, and you just need a small, reliable, scooter to take you from A to B in a comfortable and economical way. But which one do you buy?…

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250cc Motorcycle - Honda 1

The 12 Best 250cc Motorcycle Models In The USA By Manufacturer

125s can be a bit on the small side, but for many riders the 500cc and up segment can be a little overwhelming too. The obvious solution is a 250cc motorcycle, which offers the perfect blend of small-capacity simplicity but with enough grunt to tackle the job in hand. While the 250cc motorcycle market has…

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Suzuki GSX-R1100

10 Of The Best Suzuki Bikes To Ever Go Into Production!

It hasn’t been easy to compile a list of the best Suzuki bikes ever made. There have been some fantastic models to come out of the Hamamatsu factory over the last century but we’ve tried to whittle the list down to a top 10. Since the company released their first ever motorcycle back in 1952…

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