Yamaha VMAX - Carlex 1

The Top 10 Most Striking Yamaha VMAX Customs Ever Made!

The Yamaha VMAX is easily one of the most iconic and recognizable motorcycles in the industry: a brawny power cruiser driven by an awesome V4 engine, complimented with distinctive muscular bodywork. It’s an amazing machine in stock form, but it’s also a fantastic donor for custom projects – so we’ve compiled a list of the…

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Kawasaki Dirt Bikes - KX350 Two-Stroke

8 Trail Destroying Kawasaki Dirt Bikes Worth Riding!

Kawasaki dirt bikes are some of the best on the market: they’re suitable for experienced and beginner riders and offer an impressive ride experience – but which ones are the best models to buy? By nature dirt bikes are simple machines and as such they’re aren’t as many variations in their models as you’d find…

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BMW Motorcycle - HP2 Sport

The 12 Best BMW Motorcycle Models Ever Made

If you could own one, and only one, BMW motorcycle, what would you choose? We’ve had a tough time compiling our top favorite BMW models of all time but we think we’ve settled on a decent top list that covers all bases. The problem with choosing BMW motorcycle models for a list is the fact…

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Vintage Motorcycles - Vincent Black Lightning 2

The 10 Most Expensive Vintage Motorcycles Sold At Auction

2018 has already brought us a nice shake up of the most expensive vintage motorcycles ever sold at auction, with the Vincent Black Lightning making history in Las Vegas. There are some bikes that are ridiculously expensive when they’re brand new, but some of these vintage motorcycles have aged like fine wine, with their price…

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Electric Scooter - Gogoro Line Up 2

10 Electric Scooter Models Redefining Urban Mobility!

Electric scooters are taking over the world. They’re not the under-powered little toys that they used to be, instead they’re fast, nimble bikes with more on board technology than you’d expect for such inexpensive machines. With living costs on the rise and carbon-emission guilt playing on everyone’s minds, there has never been a better time…

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Small Motorcycles - Aprilia Tuono 125

Top 10 Small Motorcycles With Big Personalities!

Small motorcycles are taking over, and they’re nothing like they used to be. Cheap quality boneshakers are things of the past – because small motorcycles just got serious. With the Western market making slow growth at best, it’s the Asian market that’s appealing to most manufacturer’s R&D departments and Asia is the spiritual home of…

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Honda Powersports - Then And Now

The Top 15 Motorcycles From Honda Powersports

Honda motorcycles come in a wide variety of flavors: from super bikes to scooters, from casual commuters to continent crossing tourers, so without further ado lets look at the top Honda motorcycles ever made. The history of Honda is a long and illustrious one: from its original conception back in 1946, when it became an…

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Home Motorcycle Repair - Featured Image

10 Motorcycle Repair Jobs You Can Do Instead Of Paying A Mechanic

The best motorcycle repair shops are always in high demand and the best mechanics should be focused on real problems rather than wasting their time on little jobs that their customers could have easily done themselves. Here are 10 motorcycle repair jobs that you can do at home instead of paying a mechanic for. And…

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Motorcycle Salvage - Rocking Horse

12 Awesome Things Upcycled From Motorcycle Salvage

Next time you’re down at the motorcycle salvage yard, keep your eyes peeled for bargains – and we’re not even talking about functioning parts or running machines here! With the right eye and a bit of skill you can turn that rusting piece of motorcycle salvage into something worth its weight in gold. And while…

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Yamaha Enduro - 2018 YZ450FX Enduro

10 Of The Greatest Yamaha Enduro Motorcycles

If you’re looking to buy a Yamaha enduro bike then you’re going to want one of these ones. Here’s a list of ten of the greatest Yamaha enduro models from the early 70s to the present day. The use of the word “great” is obviously subjective though, because while one rider can derive a lot…

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Mini Motorcycles - Blata Ultima W40 1

Top 10 Ultimate Mini Motorcycle Models To Suit All Budgets!

Minimoto or Midimoto, the mini motorcycle world is fun one to explore and anyone wanting to take motorcycle racing seriously should definitely own one of their own. Most of the world’s greatest racers were throwing mini motorcycles around corners before they could read, and many of them continue to push these little machines to the…

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Power To Weight Ratio Shootout - Suter MMX

Top 10 Motorcycles With Incredible Power To Weight Ratio Stats

It’s all very well having a motorcycle that can go fast, but if it takes a long time getting there, it’s not particularly useful; having a bike with huge horsepower stats is great, but if it weighs a ton then it makes the power irrelevant - and that’s where the all-important power to weight ratio…

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Custom Motorcycle Helmets - Ninja Turtles 1

Top 10 Badass Custom Motorcycle Helmets!

Custom bikes are one thing, but what about custom motorcycle helmets? You don’t have to be a professional rider to warrant your own custom helmet, and there are plenty more options out there than the tired old Predator helmet trend that doesn’t seem able to die. Sticking on a Mohawk is one thing, gluing on…

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Yamaha Motoroid 2

The Autonomous, Intelligent, Self-Balancing Yamaha Motoroid

The Yamaha Motoroid concept is an intelligent, AI enabled, self-riding, self-balancing electric motorcycle that looks like more like a sci-fi movie prop than a fully functioning motorcycle concept. Is this the future of motorcycling? Well, it’s hard to say. The idea of being taken for a ride rather than being in control undermines the whole…

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Kawasaki J Concept 3

The Kawasaki J Concept Electric Three Wheeler Returns!

Remember the Kawasaki J Concept electric three wheeler? No? Well, Kawasaki have brought it back just to remind everyone that they’re still thinking about electric vehicles…and three wheeled ones too. With Honda offering self-balancing motorcycles in their version of the future and Yamaha offering three-wheeled creations, it seems like Kawasaki’s old J Concept from late…

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Custom Scooters 3 - The Redman ’59 by AFS Taiwan

Top 10 Custom Scooters That Break The Moped Stereotype!

While there’s no shortage of custom motorcycles out there, what about custom scooters? Whenever we think of the word “motorcycle” we always think of sporty crotch rockets from Japan or effortlessly cool American cruisers, but in reality, the bulk of the world’s two wheeled machines are nothing of the sort. They’ve got two wheels, they’ve…

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Aprilia Brembo Recall

Attention! The Brembo Recall Will Affect 7 Manufacturers!

The huge Brembo recall will affect a total of seven manufacturers and well over 10,000 motorcycles in the USA alone. If you thought you were safe because you’re not an Aprilia or Ducati owner, then you thought wrong. We’ve got an official statement from Brembo with all the details to keep you up to date.…

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Moped Racing 2

Karma – Moped Racing At It’s Finest, Where Dirty Tactics Rule Supreme (Video)

MotoGP and World Superbikes might be more prestigious, but Indonesian moped racing has some unexpected thrills – with dirty tactics being the norm. In this video from the 2017 Bondowoso Road Race in Java, Indonesia there’s definitely enough action to keep you entertained for the next two minutes. In fact, if you’re really looking for…

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Aprilia Brembo Brake Recall 3

Brace Yourselves For A (Potentially) Massive Brembo Brake Recall

While the notice only mentions Aprilia models at the moment, we’re expecting this Brembo brake recall to affect a wide range of brands and models - so get ready for it! First things first though, if you happen to be the proud owner of a 2016 – 2017 Aprilia RSV4 of any kind, or a…

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2010 Honda Fury

Honda Fury Recall 2017: Fuel Tank Problems!

If you’ve ever had your fuel tank replaced on your Honda Fury, then you might want to pay attention: it’s recall time! While this isn’t exactly the biggest or most important recall of the year, if you’re one of the 20 affected units, then this is big deal. And because only 20 units are affected,…

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Sarolea Manx7

The Road Legal Sarolea Manx7: $58k Of Electric Bliss

For a deposit of just under $6,000 you could reserve yourself a limited-edition Sarolea Manx7: a fierce electric racer boasting 204 hp, a range of over 200 miles, and a top speed of 150 mph. It’s a state of the art electric motorcycle, with each model hand built by top level engineers, that comes equipped…

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