2018 Chevrolet Camaro COPO Debuts Together With the Hot Wheels Edition

COPO edition might be one of the rarest and most powerful Camaros ever, but only if we exclude every other model apart from the 1969 ZL-1 original. Chevrolet is now offering the drag-prepped COPO Camaro every year, although they still do it silently. 2018 Chevrolet Camaro COPO's arrival coincides with the arrival of the special…

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RXR One Super Gran Turismo AMG GT Front

This 848 hp RXR Super GT IMSA Mercedes-AMG GT Is The One You Should Not Miss

Every time I think the Mercedes-AMG GT has become somewhat boring in the world of tuning, new stunning work comes out and I get devolved in a second. The AMG GT is a beautiful car now made even more striking with the IMSA tuning kit. It moved this upper-level sports car deep into supercar territory. I…

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dsd Boreas

A New Challenger Approaches: Meet the Spanish-Built 1,000 hp Boreas Hypercar

I am not a Greek mythology expert, but I’ll share with you one thing I do know: Boreas is the Greek god of North Wind. He fathered 12 children - male and female – but only after taking the shape of a stallion. Trippy, right? Well, the Boreas of today took the name of the…

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Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster 50th Anniversary Japan

Inside the New Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster 50th Anniversary Japan

Celebrating the 50th anniversary since Lamborghini entered the Japanese market, the St. Agatha company revealed a special celebratory model - the Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster 50th Anniversary Japan. It's a hell of a car with a hell of a name. Limited to five units, the Aventador S Roadster glorifies the five natural elements of Japanese…

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McLaren F1 for sale

Brand-New McLaren F1 For Sale With Only 149 miles On The Clock

As any gearhead knows, the McLaren F1 was the ultimate supercar/hypercar or “whateverCAR” in the Nineties. The Brits made only 106 examples, with 64 of them being road legal; only seven of those 64 were road-legal in the United States. Elon Musk had one, Rowan Atkinson raced and crashed one and all others had been…

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1988 Pontiac Fiero

This 30-Year-Old, 3,000-mile 1988 Pontiac Fiero Has Never Seen a Drop of Rain

After that incredible McLaren F1 and astounding Pontiac Trans Am, we have yet another meticulously preserved car: A 1988 Pontiac Fiero. Ok, I know that this is not exactly the best imaginable car to preserve, yet we find it strangely soothing in all its yellowness. Purchased back in 1988 in Kansas, the Fiero has only…

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ford future

In 5 Years Ford Will Be A Dramatically Different Car Company – See How

Ever since Ford sacked their previous CEO Mark Fields, the newly appointed chief Jim Hackett has been on a mission of modernizing and revitalizing the company. Now, it seems, we have our first glimpses of a massive plan which could change the company from its roots. While many of the changes are structured around massive…

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Lamborghini Centenario For Sale Front End

Incredible $3,475,000 Lamborghini Centenario For Sale In California

The Lamborghini Centenario is rare. A US-spec Lamborghini Centenario, however, is exceedingly rare. Considering only 20 units have been produced with only a handful of them destined for the US, seeing a Lamborghini Centenario for sale is the closest thing to a market miracle one may imagine. Here it is though – the car that celebrates…

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1979 Pontiac Trans Am

$159,900 “Brand new” 1979 Pontiac Trans Am For Sale With 65 Miles On The Clock

Seeing an old car in a meticulous condition is strangely satisfying. I don't know why but I feel a strange sensation of happiness. It’s like watching Proper Tasty videos and drooling over your smartphone. Well, only with cars instead of chicken wings. And boy did I droll over this. It is a 1979 Pontiac Trans…

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Tesla Model 3

Tesla wasn’t happy about Consumer Reports Model 3 Predicted Reliability – It Responded “in kind”

Tesla and Consumer Reports publication seem to be in a feud. Long story short: Consumer Reports reported that the Tesla Model 3 got “Average” reliability score, Tesla responded by saying that the report is basically “*hit” because they hadn’t even driven the car nor do they know anything about the engineering or the production process.…

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Ford Mustang hybrid

Ford Mustang Hybrid and F-150 Hybrid Are Happening

As part of the massive Ford modernization plan we wrote about earlier (you should really read it), the company will focus its efforts on the production of the new Mustang Hybrid and the F-150 Hybrid. These two will probably finally mark Ford’s departure from the conventional propulsion system. They are crossing into the world of…

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hurricane harvey scrapped carsr

Exotics Scrapped After Hurricane Harvey Is The Saddest Sight You Will See Today

According to Cox Automotive chief economist Jonathan Smoke, Hurricane Harvey destroyed up to 500,000 vehicles. During the first couple of hours alone, insurance companies received more than 100,000 claims for cars impacted by Harvey. More than 75 of them reported totaled vehicles. As days pass, it seems ever more likely that Jonathan Smoke was correct…

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mid engined Corvette C8

Mid Engined Corvette C8 Spotted At McDonalds In Its Preproduction form

It is bound to happen. And I am happy about it. Finally, the US will have a proper mid-engined sports car - Corvette C8. One that could possibly match the exclusivity or the ratchetness of the Huracan, but for far less money. Sure, the new Ford GT is awesome as well. But that price?  It…

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dodge hellcat pursuit

Hot Hellcat Pursuit Along I-10 East in Houston

When Dodge Challengers first hit the market, I had a slight suspicion that some of the souped of versions (like the SRT Hellcat) may involved in a chase or two - whether its the police driving it or the perp.  These vehicles not only look like they can tear some serious ass into the pavement,…

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Laramie Longhorn Southfork

Ram Reveals New Laramie Longhorn Southfork and Heavy Duty Lone Star Silver Editions

The most popular versions of Ram trucks in Texas are getting a whole new set of additions – all in the name of improved luxury and comfort. A very important upmarket offering - the Laramie Longhorn – enjoys new features which are part of the Southfork Edition. The Heavy Duty Lone Star Silver edition, on the…

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Dubai Police Hoverbike Hoversurf Scorpion-3 Works and is Not a Joke

Well, this is something new. Apparently, the Dubai Police Department is testing a hoverbike. Yes, a real flying hoverbike which can seat one. It looks incredible. Unveiled at the Gulf Information Technology Exhibition (GITEX) last week in Dubai, the Hoversurf Scorpion-3 definitely was one of the most daring entries. Designed for the Dubai police, this electric-power…

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Challenger Hellcat hail damage front 3/4

You Just Missed $25,000 Discount on a Challenger Hellcat

Hail damage! That was the trick. A rather fine Dodge Challenger Hellcat with only 41 miles on the clock appeared for sale on and it was going for peanuts. The bid from only a few days ago was $48,000, which meant that the buyer would save more than 25 grand over buying a new…

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Wrecked Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster front 3/4

Brand New Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster Crashed But You Can Have It For $200,000

With only 500 units produced, the Lamborghini Aventador SV is easily one of the most valuable automobiles in the world. Now, there are 499 left. Or, at least 499 and a half. The owner of this stunning blue Aventador SV Roadster probably made a pass a little bit too fast (not particularly hard to do…

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Ferrari F12 TRS

One Off Ferrari F12 TRS Liquid Silver Appeared In Switzerland

Ferrari is well known for making exceptional one-off models for its most trusted customers. We did see a stunning $4.2 million Ferrari F12 TRS appearing in 2014, however, we did not know that Ferrari crafted more one-off cars based on the F12berlinetta. But here it is, as it seems, for the first time on video.…

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world greatest drag race

Sedan Embarasses All Imaginable Supercars In The World’s Greatest Drag Race

It is called the World's Greatest Drag Race for a reason. MotorTrend started it a few years back and this year’s drag race is their seventh installment. Held at the Vandenberg Air Force Base on pristine tarmac used by the Air Force, a three-mile-long airstrip hosted a race between these monsters: Alfa Romeo Giulia -…

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hoonicorn mustang

Ken Block Nearly Lost It While Filming Awesome Toyo Climbkhana On Pikes Peak (Video)

As you may know, Ken Block and his custom Hoonicorn 1965 Ford Mustang with 1,400hp have been part of some astonishing Gymkhana videos in the past. Now, however, with a little help from Toyo Tires, Gymkhana became Climbkhana. Ken Block and his 1,400hp Mustang tackled Pikes Peak – the most demanding and possibly the most…

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