Gumpert Apollo Top Car - rear view

11 Most Recognized German Car Brands

German car brands are known for creating high-class vehicles that exceed expectations as far as performance and appearance are concerned. That’s what makes them a leader in automotive production worldwide. German car brands feature a long history of innovative technologies; many of which are used by other auto companies. When most people think of German…

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2018 Alfa Romeo 4 C - front view

11 Best 2 Seater Cars to Take on a Drive (And 3 to Avoid)

People looking to buy the best 2 seater cars aren’t interested in practicality or space. Their main goal is to announce to the world that they have a passion for driving. They want the ultimate in performance and style and are willing to give up extra room to get it. If you are one of…

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Audi e-tron GT concept car

What’s Hot and What’s Not in the 2020 Audi Lineup

It seems like Audi has forever played second fiddle (actually third in this instance) to its arch rivals Mercedes-Benz and BMW. While both Merc and BMW have marketed more than 2 million vehicles worldwide and north of 300,000 units in the U.S. alone, Audi has yet to reach those figures. The Germans are hoping they'll be…

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2020 Alfa Romeo GTV coupe rendering

What’s Hot and What’s Not in the 2020 Alfa Romeo Lineup

The Italian automaker is considered both iconic and dreaded at the same time, but that's exactly what's earned them such a cult-like following across the globe. Although they had abandoned the U.S. market back in 1995, one of FCA's numerous divisions has recently returned as an upscale badge and is already drawing lots of attention.…

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2017 BMW X5 Diesel - driver side front view

9 Biggest BMW Recalls of All Time

There’s no denying that people love their BMWs. They are luxurious, stylish, and come with plenty of performance. The engines are well-built and offer a thrilling driving experience. Unfortunately, BMW is plagued with a fairly high recall rate. We list the top BMW recalls of all time to see how familiar you are with the…

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car recalls

10 Automotive Recalls That Shook the Automotive World

It doesn’t matter what make or model of vehicle you drive, you aren’t immune to car recalls. Of course, some cars have lower recall rates than others. For example, Investopedia estimated that the least recalled car from 2013 to 2017 was the Hyundai Accent. Other vehicles with a lower recall rate included Chevrolet Equinox, Toyota…

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report dangerous driver sign

15 Dangerous Driving Habits We All Have Done

As you head down the road, it’s likely you see lots of poor driving happening. People are in a hurry and they aren’t paying attention to what they’re doing. While you’re focused on what they are doing that’s so dangerous, have you ever stopped to consider your own bad driving habits? Chances are you’ve been…

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Floyd Mayweather cars

Highest Priced Floyd Mayweather Cars

Anyone who knows anything about boxing has surely heard of Floyd Mayweather. He’s one of the best ever. Plus, he holds multiple world titles. On top of that, he was listed by Sports Illustrated and Forbes as one of the highest paid athletes in 2012, then again in 2013. He’s also gone 50 fights without…

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Battery Recharges After a Jump Start

25 Car Myths that Most People Still Believe

With the Internet at our fingertips, it’s easy to find information about any car question you have. The trouble is, it also leaves room for lots of fake facts. We’re going to explore 25 car myths that most people believe in this article. Hopefully, you haven’t fallen victim to many of them. Car Manufacturing Myths…

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best cars for Uber

10 Best Cars For Uber And Lyft

If you want to earn a little extra cash by driving for Uber or Lyft, then you need a specific car to accomplish the job. We’ve put together this comprehensive guide to finding the best cars for Uber and Lyft so you can maximize your earnings. After going through many vehicle specs, we’ve narrowed the…

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2018 Tesla Model S - passenger view

10 Most Expensive American Cars to Insure (And Some Low-Cost Options)

Before you head to your local dealership, you want to factor in some additional costs with that new car purchase. The first thing you might think about is the gas expense, but we’re talking about the insurance premiums. Some American cars are cheap to insure, but there are also many that make the rate skyrocket.…

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winch cable

Top 10 Best Truck Winch Reviews

If you own a truck, you know how essential a truck winch is for pulling or hauling. While most people have seen truck winches before, many of those same people don’t have a clue what they’re for or how to use them. That’s why we’ve put together our top ten best truck winch reviews, plus…

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Acura NSX front 3/4 view

What’s Hot and What’s Not in the 2020 Acura Lineup

Honda's luxury division has some catching up to do compared to its Toyota counterpart, Lexus, whereas it's around the same level as Infiniti. After some important design-related changes during MY 2019, every single model within their portfolio is ready and set to shine in 2020. The centerpiece of the next-generation of Acura models will be…

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Lane-Departure Warning lamp

Car Safety Features That Waste Your Money (And Some You Must Have)

Safety is a top priority with new cars, as it should be. In 2017, USA Today estimated that deaths from car accidents reached 40,000 for the second consecutive year. With the latest technologies available from automakers, cars are safer than they’ve ever been before. While most of the features prevent injury, there are some that…

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commuter car

10 Best Commuter Cars for US Roads

Many people think that if they need to save money on their daily fuel consumption that they must drive a boring, plain car. That’s simply not the case anymore since more and more stylish vehicles are also striving to be fuel-efficient. We’ve put together ten vehicles that aren’t just fun to drive, but each of…

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2018 Bentley Bentayga - right side view

10 Expensive SUVs Worth Their Price Tag (And 5 That Aren’t)

According to CBS News, SUVs sales make up 43% of the market share. This growing popularity is the reason so many automakers are turning to produce more innovative vehicles for their customers, but some of them are downright expensive. There's a large selection of SUVs to choose from these days, so it requires more diligence…

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body lift vs suspension lift

Body Lift vs Suspension Lift: What’s The Difference

Customizing your truck is an excellent way to add some personality and style, but it’s vital that you choose the proper way to lift your vehicle. This isn't a job you want to tackle without proper planning and the right equipment. In the world of lift kits, you have two different options: a body lift…

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Hellé Nice

10 Best Female Race Car Drivers (And a Few That Shouldn’t Drive)

There was a time when you wouldn’t see any females in the racing world. For many years, it was entirely male-dominated. Then, some pioneers took the first steps and now, you’ll find female race car drivers all around you. Some of them are exceptional racers that deserve to be recognized, while others frankly shouldn’t drive…

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Top 10 Best 2 Door Cars Ever Made (And 5 Worst)

If you’re looking at 2 door cars for sale, you want to make sure you spend your money on something worthwhile. Over the years, there have been plenty of duds produced, and you don’t want to end up with one. That’s why we’ve compiled the list of the best 2 door cars ever made. 2…

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Best 18650 Battery and Which to Avoid

Everything we use today seems to utilize lithium-ion batteries. You’ll find them in your smartphone, flashlights, electronics, and more. With newer technologies occurring every day, cells that were once used by manufacturers only are now available for consumer purchase. These more modern lithium cells aren’t standardized like the typical rechargeable AA battery. That’s why you…

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6 of the Best 2020 Muscle Cars

The bygone golden era of muscle cars is a distant memory now. One of those sweet memories that send shivers down our spines and warm our gearhead hearts at the same time. The muscle cars today aren't nearly as widespread as their distant predecessors, but at least they're still around. Not only straight line performers…

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