2018 BMW Z5 Spied Testing On Icy Roads

Many people are no longer buying convertibles anymore and it seems like they are indeed a dying breed. It’s not a surprise therefore that the Z4 did not sell as expected by BMW. However, despite these challenges in the market, it seems BMW remains defiant and before 2018 is done and dusted, we may as…

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This May Be The Prototype Of A Future Ferrari Dino

Talk of an all new Ferrari Dino has been up in the air for quite some time but it seems, after all, there is indeed fire after the smoke. A mystery Ferrari Dino prototype was spotted in Sweden for cold weather testing the last couple of days and this has served to strengthen the rumor…

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2019 Ford Ranger Spied On U.S. Soil

After ages of rumors, it was confirmed last year that Ford would be bringing back the Bronco and Ranger. We have seen a number of foreign versions and renderings but this is the first spotting of a new Ford Ranger stateside. The test mule was spotted near Ford's Dearborn headquarters in Michigan. There is no…

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