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Supercharger vs Turbo: What is the Difference and Which is Better?

When looking at automotive performance, it’s easy to get confused between the turbocharger and supercharger. Once you compare them side by side, you quickly see how very different they truly are. Not only do they work uniquely, but they have a cost difference and offer varied performance. In this article, we strive to answer the…

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Worst Mods Ever For Your Lifted Chevy Truck

There’s nothing finer than a tastefully done, lifted Chevy truck. Unfortunately, many owners go too far. They modify their trucks with every bolt-on accessory from the parts catalog. Don’t be one of those people – stay away from these unsightly mods. 10 Mods You Should Never Do To A Lifted Chevy Truck Truck Nutz Nothing…

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Tesla Electric Rear Axle Powers Cobra Kit Car Through Beautiful Donuts

Experimentation is the name of the game in the age of high output electric motors. While the next wave of electric cars bears down on us, we're happy to see 'older' tech going to good use. In this case, we see a Tesla P85+ finding a new home in an AC Cobra kit car. A…

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A $104,000 eBay Bid Wasn’t Enough To Buy This Ferrari Limo [VIDEO]

The word limo brings images of a stretched Lincoln Towncar to my mind rather than a yellow Ferrari. However, that's what we have here after its failed stint on eBay to find a new home. Coming from L.A., meaning no winter salt damage, the '03 Ferrari 360 generated 15 bids on the online auction block.…

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High Horsepower Drag Race: 800hp GT-R vs 850hp Hellcat [VIDEO]

The horsepower wars are ramping up between manufacturers but we love seeing individual tuners having their own bouts. There's no doubt when we see the names of these car models that they will come in with high numbers. Whether you're a conventional muscle car fan or a tuner addict, this GT-R vs Hellcat race is…

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Custom Trucks That Will Blow Your Mind

  There is something about our rare breed that attracts every gearhead to the line of custom trucks at any auto show. It may be the raised or lowered ride height, the tricked out bed, or the chopped each his own. The freedom and variety of choice is one of the greatest things about…

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EarthRoamer XV-HD

The Peak of Luxury Off-Road Camping: The EarthRoamer XV-HD

When most people take to the road for a mobile home camping trip, it's usually with a tow behind. Large and unwieldy RVs keep you from going to more exotic and interesting places. The EarthRoamer XV-HD looks to buck that trend with an all in one design. Built from the ground up to tackle off-road…

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1998 BMW M3 E36 wide-body

Wide Body BMW M3 E36 You’ll Have Nightmares About

Despite the lengths “tuners” from Fast and Furious franchise went, it seems they hadn’t reached the level of tuning outrageousness we have in this world. Not even scratched it. Look at this thing. It is a BMW E36 M3. A fine car without the mods for sure, but this particular is more of a gimmick,…

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Ford F-150 Raptor Geiger Cars

Geiger Brings You A 520-HP Ford Raptor

Germans did it. Geiger Cars - a German company specialized in tuning American cars got its hands on the Ford Raptor. It made it thrilling, faster, meaner and even more “Raptory”. It is not difficult to make an already devious car even more aggressive and angry, but the thing is that only some know how…

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1976 Ford Falcon XB XBoss

1976 Ford Falcon XB Coupe “XBOSS” Is The Best Aussie Build Of All Time

As far as Australian cars go, this 1976 Ford Falcon XB Coupe dubbed the XBoss may be the most astounding car to ever come from Down Under. As Falcon production in Australia ceased in 2016, some enthusiast wanted to craft the best possible Falcon. This is it. A brainchild of Chris and Colleen Bitmead, the…

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2001 Acura Integra Pickup Conversion up for Sale on Craigslist

American pickup truck buyers have a rather polarized choice on today's market. A lot cooler alternatives would be some downright forgotten and obscured pickup trucks from both recent and more distant past. Even that's not enough for some people so they have no option but to take a whole different approach. A pickup truck conversion approach.…

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Chevrolet Cruze CLK55

This Chevrolet Cruze is Cosplaying As A Mercedes-Benz CLK55 AMG

We get the feeling that the owner of this Chevrolet Cruze wasn't exactly sober-minded when they decided to turn the car into a freaking Mercedes-Benz AMG. Yes, it happened; where other than down under? In Melbourne, you see. Now, the car in question isn’t actually a Chevrolet Cruze, but a Holden Cruze translated into something that resembles…

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Ford F350 "The Operator" Front 3/4

Ford F-350 by Hellwig Products “The Operator” is An All-Purpose Adventure Rig

SEMA 2017 might have ended, but the show was stuffed with so many impressive vehicles that we could keep covering it until next year. Take this special purpose Ford F-350, for instance. Built in collaboration between Hellwig Products and LGE-CTS Motorsports, the ultimate one-ton rig provides unparalleled capabilities both on and off the road. It can be…

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DRAGG 2018 Ford Mustang

Ford Displays Seven Astounding Mustangs At SEMA 2017

The “Magnificent Seven”. I am not writing about the famed 1960s movie or its modern interpretation. Seven customized Mustangs stormed the 2017 SEMA show, which Ford saw fit to name the “Magnificent Seven”. Each Mustang was customized by a different shop and complemented a 40-vehicle-strong Ford show in Las Vegas last week. These custom works…

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Ford F-150 RTR Front 3/4

600 HP Ford F-150 RTR Unveiled at SEMA is One Menacing Muscle Truck

Vaughn Gittin Jr.'s RTR team has been busy showcasing their versions of Ford products at SEMA 2017. Alongside the 700-horsepower Mustang, Vaughn Gittin Jr.'s brainchild has also presented the slightly less powerful but still menacing 600-horsepower Ford F-150 RTR. This muscle truck is all kinds of menacing, but more importantly, it isn't over-the-top or really…

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Speedkore Unveils a Full Carbon Fiber Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Body at SEMA 2017

While we're awaiting for first 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demons to arrive, Speedkore crew out of Grafton, Wisconsin has been busy bolstering Mopar beast's already impressive figures. They are known for their classic muscle car carbon fiber body panels as this 1970 Plymouth 'Cuda will demonstrate. Yet, not many of us have expected they'll be jumping…

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Official 1,000 HP Shelby Mustang Debuts at SEMA Together With the Super Snake Wide Body Concept

Like every year, there has been a host of Mustangs at the latest SEMA show. This contemporary 700 horsepower RTR Mustang is just one of them, and so is the beastly 1,000 horsepower official Shelby we'll be covering here. Aptly named Shelby 1,000 this Shelby Mustang showcases the upgrade package that will be available on all…

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Would You Spend $219,000 on a Gorgeous Modern 600 HP Reproduction of a 1967 Shelby GT500?

Revology is an established name in the world of tuning, resto mods and custom cars. Especially among the Ford Mustang fans. Their latest offering has been presented at the SEMA 2017, and it's all kinds of heart warming. They've resurrected a 1967 Shelby GT500 by using all-new body panels, contemporary bits and pieces, and a…

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Gas Monkey Garage Present Their Very First JDM Car at SEMA – 1975 Datsun 280Z

You might recognize the Gas Monkey Garage team by their Fast N' Loud show from the Discovery Channel. Or you might know them from previous SEMA shows. If you do, you'll also know that Richard Rawlings and his team have never before had their hands involved in a Japanese car build. Until SEMA 2017, that is.…

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dodge challenger hellcat

The World’s Fastest “Stock” Dodge Challenger Hellcat Runs Eights

Ever since Dodge introduced the Hellcat, drag racing enthusiasts all over the US wanted to see what is it capable of doing in its stock form. Or at least, in an “almost” stock form. The guys at Epling Garage of Bean Station, Tennessee went out on a limb and crafted a Challenger Hellcat so fast…

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$349,000 Hennessey VelociRaptor 6×6 Comes to SEMA 2017 to Claim His Rightful Throne

Hennessey VelociRaptor 6x6 isn't a novelty item. Texas-based performance house first introduced the six-wheeled Ford F-150 Raptor as a 2017 year model. Now their Mercedes-Benz AMG G63 6x6 fighter is making another appearance. This time, VelociRaptor 6x6 is making its debut at the SEMA 2017. Sadly, its exorbitant price tag has soared even further. $295,000…

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