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Tesla Electric Rear Axle Powers Cobra Kit Car Through Beautiful Donuts

Experimentation is the name of the game in the age of high output electric motors. While the next wave of electric cars bears down on us, we're happy to see 'older' tech going to good use. In this case, we see a Tesla P85+ finding a new home in an AC Cobra kit car. A…

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A $104,000 eBay Bid Wasn’t Enough To Buy This Ferrari Limo [VIDEO]

The word limo brings images of a stretched Lincoln Towncar to my mind rather than a yellow Ferrari. However, that's what we have here after its failed stint on eBay to find a new home. Coming from L.A., meaning no winter salt damage, the '03 Ferrari 360 generated 15 bids on the online auction block.…

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Drag Race: Challenger Hellcat vs Grand Cherokee Trackhawk [VIDEO]

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is a rare sight on the drag strip, especially when facing a muscle car. However, with the 6.2L HEMI introduced for the Hellcat lineup, the Jeep is a real contender. The Challenger Hellcat is the perfect match to see what this blown motor can do on the strip. The much larger…

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High Horsepower Drag Race: 800hp GT-R vs 850hp Hellcat [VIDEO]

The horsepower wars are ramping up between manufacturers but we love seeing individual tuners having their own bouts. There's no doubt when we see the names of these car models that they will come in with high numbers. Whether you're a conventional muscle car fan or a tuner addict, this GT-R vs Hellcat race is…

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McLaren 570S London crash

Super Series McLaren 570S Obliterated in London Crash

We've got some sad news, folks. A beautiful McLaren 570S Super Series has been wrecked in London, and it has not gone unnoticed. The car was seriously damaged. So much so that the car more closely resembles a scrapyard cube than a British supercar. Nevertheless, the video I embedded will show you all the gore…

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silver and gold lamborghini aventador

Silver-Wrapped Lamborghini Aventador Couldn’t Keep Up With The 911 Turbo S

It is not like we haven’t seen the Lamborghini Aventador spitting flames before. I think that even some of their commercials from the time Lambo launched the car show that insane capability. Now, in a flamethrower shootout against the Porsche 911 Turbo S, the Lamborghini Aventador obviously wants to prove a point - it is…

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Police chase in Georgia with McLaren 720S

Wasted Guy in McLaren 720S Takes Cop for a 155 MPH Joy Ride

  Let’s face it, the vast majority of us have always wanted to be chased by the police in a badass car that a cop wouldn’t stand a chance against (as long as we weren’t really facing a hell of a prison sentence).  However, it shocks me that there are still tons of morons out…

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Devel Sixteen Incredible Hypercar

The 5000-hp, 300-mph Jet-like Devel Sixteen is Finally Here!

About three years ago, Devel Sixteen was flooding the internet with talk of their new prototype model that looks more like it should be in the air with wings rather than driving around the track, but it sounded almost too good to be true. In fact, tons of opinions throughout the automotive community suggested that…

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Suspect Standing in Field During OKC Police Pursuit

Facebook-Live Thief Steals Truck and Leads Police on 3-hour Chase

Earlier today, a young who later identified himself as Brenton Hager on a facebook-live video (that he filmed in middle of the high-speed police pursuit), stole a truck and trailer and led police on one of the craziest, action-packed police pursuits that we’ve seen in a long time. The police chase is said to have…

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Grandpa in a Hellcat May be the Best Video We’ve Seen All Year

I haven't watched a video that's made me laugh like this in a long time because it's both entirely relatable and completely unexpected. We've all been there, cruising down the street in your friend's car thinking you're hot stuff. Your buddy (or maybe even you) thinks he can take on anyone and wants to poke…

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McLaren P1 Roasting

A McLaren P1 Bursts into Flames and Nobody’s Sure Why(Video)

Calling all auto insurance investigators!  Check out this footage of a McLaren P1 that seems to have caught fire in the streets of the UK.  There is already a lot of speculation among internet users as to what has caused the fire, but we'd love to hear your thoughts as well! If you're a Mclaren…

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Lamborghini Fight 2

Deserving Guy Gets Knocked Out By Lamborghini Owner

It's no secret to anybody that for every intelligent, respectful individual in our great world, there are at least three idiot counterparts.  While there are plenty of these types of videos that are staged throughout the internet, this video truly seems legit because of the Lamborghini owners intense anger and actions.  As you'll see below,…

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Buick Grand National

A Short Story About the Buick Grand National And Its Evolution To The GNX

This is a story about the first “Challenger-Demon” moment in the world of muscle cars. It takes us back to the 1980s and far away from Mopar. Today, we celebrate the Buick Grand National - a car which in its GNX version was a Demon of its time. But it did not bear that nickname.…

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2017 Ford F-150 XLT 4x4 Front 3/4

2017 Ford F-150 Beats Hellcat In A Quarter Mile Showdown

Is there really no replacement for displacement? Of course there is! It is called EcoBoost, and it's a testament to the fact that we made turbos for a reason, dammit. Slightly updated and tuned up by the Brew City Boost shop in Wisconsin, this 2017 Ford F-150 EcoBoost has become fast enough to take on…

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Dubai Police Hoverbike Hoversurf Scorpion-3 Works and is Not a Joke

Well, this is something new. Apparently, the Dubai Police Department is testing a hoverbike. Yes, a real flying hoverbike which can seat one. It looks incredible. Unveiled at the Gulf Information Technology Exhibition (GITEX) last week in Dubai, the Hoversurf Scorpion-3 definitely was one of the most daring entries. Designed for the Dubai police, this electric-power…

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BMW M3 V10 Dodge

BMW M3 E46 With A Dodge Viper 8.0L V10 Is A Thing

As far as engine swaps go, this one may be the most outrageous car guy bullshit we've ever seen. It is easily mad enough to be in line with that 2JZ Rolls-Royce we saw not long ago. In this case, however, a BMW M3 E46 received a Dodge Viper 8.0 liter engine. No, we are…

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world greatest drag race

Sedan Embarasses All Imaginable Supercars In The World’s Greatest Drag Race

It is called the World's Greatest Drag Race for a reason. MotorTrend started it a few years back and this year’s drag race is their seventh installment. Held at the Vandenberg Air Force Base on pristine tarmac used by the Air Force, a three-mile-long airstrip hosted a race between these monsters: Alfa Romeo Giulia -…

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hoonicorn mustang

Ken Block Nearly Lost It While Filming Awesome Toyo Climbkhana On Pikes Peak (Video)

As you may know, Ken Block and his custom Hoonicorn 1965 Ford Mustang with 1,400hp have been part of some astonishing Gymkhana videos in the past. Now, however, with a little help from Toyo Tires, Gymkhana became Climbkhana. Ken Block and his 1,400hp Mustang tackled Pikes Peak – the most demanding and possibly the most…

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Stunt Jumps

Crash, Boom, Bam – 7 Car Stunts That Will Melt Your Teeth

Car chases and stunts are always fun to watch. With exploding vehicles, high-speed crashes, and just general mayhem, action movies really know how to get the blood pumping and look cool doing it. In honor of the stunt car, we have picked seven of the best car stunts for you to watch. We decided to spice…

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Ford GT and McLaren 720S Dragrace 1

Watch this 1,000 HP Ford GT vs a McLaren 720S

I want to start this out by saying that the Ford GT is not a slow car. With a supercharged 5.4L V8 from the factory floor, the car is already a force to be reckoned with. Now take that same GT and put it through Heffner Performance. Ask for the twin-turbo setup pretty please with sprinkles…

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This 650 hp Ford SVT Lightning is Blowing Everyone’s Mind

A rather peculiar truck has been making its rounds on the internet this week. The Pioneer Ford dealership in Bremen, Georgia, recently made a couple of posts on its Facebook page about a rather special truck – a Ford F-150 SVT Lightning Tribute. The Ford F-150 SVT Lightning was a fantastical street truck that was…

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