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bmw i8 roadster

BMW i8 Roadster Is A Piece So Intricate BMW Had To Use 3D Printer For It

Futuristic Machine So Neat You’ll Forgive Its Price And 3 Cylinders

Published December 15, 2017

We have been waiting for quite some time for the topless version of the i8. Now, the BMW i8 Roadster surfaced in the wake of the awesome 2017 LA Auto Show introducing us to more than we hoped for. Novelties aren’t only focused on the roof.

bmw i8 roadster

Stunning piece the i8 Roadster most certainly is, comes with options even the Coupe lacks. Being about 15 grand more expensive compared with the coupe, the i8 Roadster gifts us with the laser headlights and even a pedestrian detection system. These options, mind you, do cost even more. They are not a part of the 15 grand price hike.

Z-Shaped Roof Stores Vertically In The BMW i8 Roadster

Yes, roof stores vertically and beautifully. Although roofless, the i8 Roadster actually did not gain much weight compared with the Coupe. The Carbon-fiber reinforced plastic i8 core remained the same. This made it possible for BMW to use as little structural enhancements as possible. In that regard, the weight gain is at minimum 133 lbs. And much of that goes for the roof closing and opening mechanism. FYI, the i8 Roadster can become roofless in 16 seconds and with the speeds of up to 31 mph.
Fast enough.

bmw i8 roadster

Interestingly enough, the roof does not take up a lot of boot space. In fact, it stores at the back vertically. Considering BMW removed the rear seats, the boot remained almost as generous as it was before (4.7 square feet of space). More importantly, the opening and closing dance look absolutely stunning in its entirety. Exposed parts are of intricate, beautiful design thoughtfully integrated into the whole system. Some of them are so intricate, in fact, that BMW had to use a 3D printing process to make them. Actually, the video will tell you everything, so press play:

Now, I cannot actually say if the coupe or the Roadster is more striking in appearance, but they are definitely intricate.

Moreover, the i8 Coupe and the i8 Roadster received a more powerful propulsion system. Actually, they integrated better batteries. These are happier about releasing power so the electric engine motor now produces 143hp – 12 more than before. Combined power output, in this case, stands at 374hp. Definitely, praiseworthy improvement.

Not exactly faster, but definitely more efficient

The performance was not actually improved by a lot. The Coupe (remember, it was redesigned as well), now reaches 62 mph in 4.4 seconds, while the roofless machine does the same job 0.2 seconds slower. Top speed? 155 mph! Same as before. Or 75 mph using only electricity!

bmw i8 roadster

Although more powerful than before, the i8 Roadster is actually even more efficient. Officially, BMW reported 150 mpg rating. Incredible. It can even travel for more than 30 miles using electricity alone. As for mpg, I will be generous here and tell you to expect something like 50 in the real world. BMW definitely overrated it before. They did it now as well.

bmw i8 roadster

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