BMW i8

BMW i8: The Incredible High-Tech Supercar That Changes Everything

Published September 11, 2014

How would you like to see a $150000 supercar that has been tuned for providing excellent fuel efficiency, but only having a 3 cylinder engine? This, in fact, is an astounding aspect that has taken to ground in the new BMW i8 model. Modern obsession with the Bavarian motor works to indulge in quality fuel efficiency and omission has finally gone through the heads. As it turns out, the BMW i8 will be one of the most brilliant cars on the market, as it will be a genuine revelation and one up the expectations of most people.

BMW i8 Doors Up - Side View

One thing to remember the BMW i8 couldn’t be called a perfect machine but that is a little out of BMW’s control as it comes down to regs and revs. However, being part of a new generation of supercars which are also good for the environment, you won’t find a better option.BMW i8 Rear View on the Track

In a simple word, the BMW i8 is complicated. You can start off with thermoplastic and carbon fiber structure in the entire body with a coating of hybrid aluminum, and the overall use of carbon that works as an emergency shock absorber. The power train in the BMW i8 is also amaing. It has a three cylinder turbocharged petrol engine, that is used with a six speed automatic gearbox which is cranked to 231 hp. There is also an electric motor that adds a further 131 hp due to the possession of the 5 kW lithium battery position throughout the spine of the car.

When it comes to the combustion, the BMW i8 produces a staggering 49 g per kilometer, and 134.5 mpg which are great numbers. When you compare it to a supercar these numbers still look great. In terms of mere numbers, you have the BMW i8 claiming a range of 23 miles, on a single battery charge, and it gets 75 mpg on a maximum with a full charge. The brake energy regeneration can be found at both axles, and the combustion engine can also charge the batteries. As if all of these are not enough there are still three basic driving modes you can switch within the car. You have a car starting up in the standard mode. If you can knock the gear selection left, then you are in the sport mode. However, when you need to go to the ecopro mode, you need to press separate buttons on the central console.

BMW i8 Interior

When it comes to the cabin gear, it has a light and futuristic overall feel. It is a very pleasant place to spend your time; however, it can be of a hurdle for potential customers. It is actually a four seater car, when you push back the front chairs and you can actually have grown people sitting behind you for short journeys.

Rendering of the BMW i8 Engine

Driving the car is a pure pleasure. It has a conventional feature of traditional sports styled cars, however, it has also got a delightful balance and a certain amount of flow in the road. It is beautifully tuned and has impressive pacification, considering the amount of stuff that is going on in the background. With this particular feature in mind, not only will you be able to get the best possible accuracy, but the BMW i8 will definitely be one of the best possible cars that you could go for.

BMW i8



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