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BMW M3 V10 Dodge

BMW M3 E46 With A Dodge Viper 8.0L V10 Is A Thing

A Really Loud Thing, at that.

Published October 18, 2017

As far as engine swaps go, this one may be the most outrageous car guy bullshit we’ve ever seen. It is easily mad enough to be in line with that 2JZ Rolls-Royce we saw not long ago. In this case, however, a BMW M3 E46 received a Dodge Viper 8.0 liter engine.

No, we are not joking.

V10 Dodge Viper BMW M3 Front End

Georgia (the country, not the state) resident and owner of the BMW M3 E46 decided that it would be a great idea to integrate a massive Dodge Viper 8.0 liter V10 into the Bimmer. So, that’s exactly what he did. The first video I’ll share with you shows the car in March earlier this year. It is an early build, but even at that point in time, the Viper engine was already working and purring under the bonnet. Back then, the car was also sporting a different paint scheme than the all-green we see here. Either way though, the Rocket Bunny widebody kit is present on both builds and is doing the E46 tons of favors.

Third Gen Viper V10 Under the Bonnet of this BMW M3

What I found quite amazing about this build is the position of the engine. It actually hides quite deep in the engine bay, pushed further back than one might expect. The guys over at Sulava Racing Team who made this all work obviously did a massive job integrating such a monster machine in place of the straight six motor. They had to cut out the bonnet of course, but that’s a small price to pay.

V10 Dodge Viper BMW M3 rear 3/4

Now, the thing to understand about this car is that everything that made this M3 an M3 is now out the window. Gone are the qualities of a finely-tuned track day machine with precise handling and blisteringly quick cornering capabilities. Proper weight distribution, shocks, chassis rigidness and the like were all sacrificed in the name of power. 510 hp of it, at that, as the donor car was a third-generation Dodge Viper SRT-10 Roadster. Also transplanted was the absolutely necessary Viper transmission – the T-56 six-speed manual.

V10 Dodge Viper BMW M3 profile

Unfortunately, we’re pretty short on info at the moment on the specs and performance of this particular build. To be quite honest, we’re not even sure if the entire car actually works the way it’s supposed to. Either way, if some more detailed specs turn up somewhere online, you can bet we’ll be updating you when we hear about it!

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