BMW M3 Gets the Hamann and DS Automobile Treatment Resulting In a 0-62mph Time of Four Seconds

Published July 28, 2016

Since it first hit the streets, the BMW M3 has been the ultimate tuning machine. Every petrol head looks at a BMW M3 and thinks: “but what if….”. It’s no surprise, therefore, that the powerhouse of Bimmer tuning recently got their hands on an F80 M3 and gave it a bit of a boost.

BMW M3 Gets the Hamann (Front IV)

This time around the exterior didn’t undergo a huge transformation (although the four-fin rear diffuser isn’t exactly subtle). The multi-spoke Anniversary Evo wheels look mean, but not OTT. Lower sports suspension ensures a more planted drive and give this M3 another notch in terms of street cred.

BMW M3 Gets the Hamann (Fearured)

And the street cred is well-deserved, an ECU remap and custom exhaust mean this BMW M3 tips the performance scales between 425hp and 522hp. This results in a very respectable 0-62mph time of four seconds.

DS Automobile, of course, can be thanked for the final package and topping it off with an all-white skin. The result is subtle, sleek and seriously fast. We approve.

BMW M3 Gets the Hamann (Front III)

BMW M3 Gets the Hamann (Front II)
BMW M3 Gets the Hamann (Back II) BMW M3 Gets the Hamann (Side II) BMW M3 Gets the Hamann (Front) BMW M3 Gets the Hamann (Back III) BMW M3 Gets the Hamann (Side) BMW M3 Gets the Hamann (Back)



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