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The BMW R1100R KHAN Concept By Mehmet Erdem

The Next In A Long Line Of Designs From Mehmet Erdem: The BMW R1100R KHAN Concept

Mehmet Doruk Erdem is back with another wild concept. This time, he’s used the BMW R1100R as a base and imagined another stunning vision of the motorcycles of the future. While BMW do very much enjoy the odd wild concept of their own, it’s worth mentioning that this is by no means an official concept design from the German company, but a solo effort from the renowned designer and CGI rendering whizz Mehmet Doruk Erdem. Now, just because it isn’t official doesn’t mean that it isn’t a sign of things to come. Some design blogs have already picked up these images and decided that they’re nothing more than a work of science-fiction, but we happen to know a little more about BMW Motorrad than they do…and while this design is certainly fantastic, it’s not completely unrealistic either.

The BMW R1100R KHAN Concept


Mehmet’s designs have been featured in many publications over the last few years, and for good reason: they’re thought-provoking design exercises…and they look damn cool. As impractical as they look, they’re grounded in reality and these bike designs can be made real. And they have been. If you cast your minds back, you’ll remember that one motorcycle builder was so enthusiastic about one of Mehmet’s plans, he decided to build the thing for real. The finished result was a visually stunning and fully working motorcycle…though slightly uncomfortable and horrendously impractical.


But then we saw BMW’s vision for the next one hundred years…and the German’s forecast for their two-wheeled things to come ended up looking a lot like a Mehmet Erdem design: a rectangular, monolithic motorcycle with a slim profile that looked more like a movie prop than a motorcycle concept. All BMW did was tone down some of Mehmet’s quirkier details. Ditch the streamliner fairings, scale that rear tire into a more sensible proportion, and turn the Manga-inspiration down a notch, and you’ve got BMW’s vision of the future. So it’s not totally unrealistic…or maybe we’re just kidding ourselves?


Either way, if you want to turn your old BMW R1100RR into something a little more eye-catching and feel like wrapping it in a more streamlined body to try and ring a few more horses out of it, then try and get in touch with the elusive Turkish designer and see if you can get his blessing on your next project. It has happened before…Anyway, these streamliner Beemers, what do we think of them all? Is it an idea that keeps on producing gems? Or is it time these designers put the idea out to pasture?



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