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The BMW Urban Racer Concept: A Post-apocalyptic Masterpiece

BMW Goes Apocalyptic With This Urban Racer Concept

Updated August 7, 2018

This striking BMW concept motorcycle is a work of art to look at. Created by London based 3D modeler Jans Slapins, the BMW Urban Racer Concept is the perfect combination of old and new. With a portfolio of Ford and Lamborghini hot rods under his belt, Slapins’ motorcycle attempt gets a provisional ‘thumbs up’.

BMW Urban Racer Concept by Jans Slapins 1

Anyone who’s ever seen a BMW motorcycle will recognize the iconic boxer engine poking out from beneath the fairing, kicking out 1200cc and 115 hp. Couple the enormous engine output with the impressive stopping ability of the Brembo brakes and you’ve got a motorcycle built for racing. It even comes with the useful single sided swing arm, perfect for quick tire changes but perhaps a little over-engineered for the casual rider though.

The BMW Urban Racer Concept by Jans Slapins

Jans Slapins is no stranger to bold design, with a portfolio that covers everything from wild muscle cars to consumer gadgets such as headphones and luxury watches. In fact, this awesome BMW urban racer has also been complimented with another concept idea in the form of a Tesla-branded motorcycle. For now though, let’s look at what the future of BMW Motorrad could look like.

BMW Urban Racer Concept by Jans Slapins 2BMW Urban Racer Concept by Jans Slapins 3

Covering the engine is a post-apocalyptic mish mash of metallic fairings, wood paneling details and brown leather. This bold finish was inspired by stealth planes and military vehicles but we can all see the steampunk vibe a la Jules Verne leaking through. The only criticism that could be given is the headlight; LED’s might be the way forward but it’s difficult to look at the front end without thinking of Disney’s WALL-E. Give it a classic round headlight and call it done because the current rectangular arrangement – though it screams urban racer – really jars the eye and stutter the racing profile. Overall though, it’s a genuinely mean looking machine that’s ready for war.

BMW Urban Racer Concept by Jans Slapins 4

The really funny thing about this concept is the waves that it’s been making across the net. A lot of bloggers have been wetting themselves over the idea of a ‘BMW urban racer concept motorcycle’ completely forgetting that BMW have been making motorcycles since 1923 and for longer than they have been making cars. Here are a few genuine quotes (I kid you not): ‘but it’s not every day we see a 2-wheeled concept stamped with a German auto maker’s badge’, ‘BMW isn’t the only German automaker foraying into the world of two-wheeled transportation’ and finally ‘concept motorbikes from German car manufacturers? Not so common.’ Clearly they’d never heard of Google.



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