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BMW’s HUD Smart Helmet In Action

Get Ready For A Smart BMW HUD Helmet

The amount of new motorcycle tech surfacing over the last month or two has been truly astounding. We’ve had Yamaha’s self-reliant bike riding MotoBot, Honda’s Live Computer Instructor riding aid software and a few weeks ago, BMW showcased it’s latest offering: the Connected Ride HUD. After its unveiling at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this month, a video has surfaced that appears to demonstrate exactly what the BMW HUD helmet is capable of. You may have seen pictures, but what will actually feel like to wear one? At the moment, this video appears to be more of an interpretation of what BMW are planning, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

As this BMW HUD helmet is still very much in its prototype stage, and the technology is still in its infancy, this video gives us an insight as to what could possibly in the near future. In essence, the HUD helmet integrates your usual dash equipment with smart technology, offering you access to things like your GPS, your mobile phone and a whole host of other functions that you can access, control and observe in front of your very eyes.

It promises to give the rider access to a wide range of live data, obtained by cameras contained within the helmet, which might make mirrors a thing of the past. The helmet also features a smart mini-computer that can be programmed to suit your needs, and controlled by your voice, through a series of microphones and speakers, and a handlebar multi controller. The computer will be able to access GPS, provide vehicle to vehicle communication and also run quick diagnostics on your motorcycle, from checking the fuel and oil levels, to other essential maintenance tasks.

It’s all well and good, but the thought of having “in your face” media whilst riding does sound a little worrying. Sure, being able to keep your eyes on the road rather than flicking from mirror to instrument cluster and so on is great, it does make you wonder whether it truly is a safer alternative though. Still this is a BMW HUD helmet, and BMW have no doubt done their research on this.

Would you wear one, if you had the chance? Or do you think that it’s nothing more than another bit of tech that will distract the hell out of you and take make your riding experience miserable? Although, give it a Jarvis voice and we’re all one step closer to being Iron Man…

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