Botched Hellcat-Tesla Drag Race Reveals One Big Advantage Of Electric Cars.

Published February 21, 2017

A while ago, the biggest competitors to the Dodge Challenger were Ford’s Mustang and Chevrolet’s Camaro. They were a trio of muscle cars but recently the 707-horsepower Challenger Hellcat is facing unprecedented rivalry from Tesla’s Model S.

Most people are intrigued by the Tesla-Hellcat matchup but what really keeps them going is arguing their opinion of the best car. The video below promises to be the ultimate battle royale between the Hellcat and the Tesla’s Model S P100D even though the Hellcat’s driveshaft gets broken. Well, without a doubt, the one that isn’t broken wins, but it points to an underlying issue that is often overlooked in the future of electric cars.

Electric cars are pretty simple to understand. They have some batteries connected to a motor and a single-speed gearbox so changing gears isn’t necessary—like with Teslas. The main hindrances to mainstreaming electric cars are the charging infrastructure required to support the vehicles and the expensive batteries.

Most high-performance vehicles usually trade off one thing for another but with electric that isn’t necessarily the case. Granted, there might be some disastrous drag strip failures at some point from the Model S but their simplicity enhances their reliability. Simply because there is a lot less moving parts compared to internal combustion engines.

The other side of the coin is the unfortunate Hellcat Challenger. Its 707 horsepower and its grippy drag strip surface all contributed to its driveshaft breaking. And remember, this was moments after the green light.

However, this single instance doesn’t settle the debate of gas vs electric but it does point out how the basic part of a car can conspire to collapse the vehicle. With that being said, it isn’t clear whether the Challenger Hellcat was bone-stock or had some upgrades.

Sure, Tesla has a long way to go and its myriad of problems don’t really support the car but as a brand, it is continuously improving. A notable example is the Model S, which has fewer parts which improve its overall reliability and minimizes the chances of it going boom.

Sure, who doesn’t love the teeth gritting roar of a V8 engine? And of course, nothing beats the visceral primal driving experience you get from a muscle car. But we look forward to getting the Bugatti Veyron acceleration speed and reliability of a Camry in one single car which might just be possible with electric performance vehicles.




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