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Brand New Honda NSX Crashes After Leaving Dealership

YouTube Video of Aftermath Shows UK Supercar Mangled

 What is worse than wrecking your new car? Wrecking it on the way home from the dealership. One unfortunate new owner found this out the hard way, when he apparently managed to swerve off the road and mangle the front of his new 2017 Honda NSX. A feat which is not necessarily easy considering the Honda NSX’s grip-heavy and traction oriented handling.

The video below shows the lonely new Honda NSX sitting in a UK garden on a grim and grey day. The passerby shoots a quick video, but it is enough to assess the kind of damage that occurred. You can see what the low-profile vehicle had to pass over in order to get where it stopped. As the camera pans around, you get a good shot at the front-end damage. You can probably imagine what kind of damages the car likely sustained, both underneath and in the engine bay.

What makes this little accident even worse, is that the driver had just left the dealership which was located around the corner. I don’t know about you guys, but I would probably try to be a little more careful with my new $160,000 supercar. Nothing like a little public shaming to seal the deal.



Calvin Escobar
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