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Brilliance going to Israel

In 2018 China Car Times was acquired by Autowise. This article originally appeared on

Brilliance/Zhonghua Auto, Chinese Car News | CCTJune 26, 20074:59 pm

We head the below news that Brilliance are planning to go to enter the Israeli market within the next two years the time frame of two years is nessercery to get the Brilliance cars up to safety and emissions standards for the Israeli market.

Representatives of car maker Brilliance China Automobile Holding Company recently visited Israel in order to study the local market ahead of possible exports. The representatives were guests of Auto Chen Ltd. which apparently has an exclusive franchise to import the cars to Israel.

The Brilliance representatives met several car importers who might collaborate in marketing the cars in Israel. They also met car leasing executives who might become important initial customers. The representatives met executives of BMW importer Kamor Ltd. which has the Bulgarian franchise for Chinas Chery cars, as well as executives of other companies.


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