British Gentleman McLaren Went Wild With The 675LT

Published February 27, 2015

After revealing that monstrously dangerous McLaren P1 GTR, the British based supercar company just revealed their newest car – the 675 LT. The name holds vital information. It is a car powered by an engine capable of producing 675 HP, but believe us, there is much more to it than that.


McLaren is obviously on the run; their vehicles reached every part of the world. So, in order to maximize their limited resources, they’ve just released a rather interestingly modified 650S dubbed 675LT. It is not that different car in comparison with the normal 650S. At least, we cannot see the difference in pictures, however, McLAren says that the 675 LT has actually 33 percent of new parts on it in comparison with the base car. That is rather astonishing considering it still looks almost the same to us. That what certainly is different is a rather large back spoiler which acts as an airbrake too. The Woking based company increased the size of the rear spoiler by staggering 50 percent and that actually is the reason why this car got that “LT” name. LT stands for Long Tail, and if you’re into McLaren you’ll know that there was a F1 GTR Long Tail which could do some serious damage at the racetrack.


Besides the rather limited exterior changes, the rest of the car actually got a lot of novelties. Take a look at the back where two large exhaust pipes stick out like two six inch launchers from the Patton M60. It’s that impressive. Those are made using titanium and therefore they cost a hell of a lot more and produce a much, much brisker sound. Apart from that, the aerodynamic  package on this car (including that ginormous spoiler) produces 40 percent more downforce, thus ensuring  maximum level of grip for the Pirelli tires.


Moving inside the cabin, the driver will be greeted in the kingdom of alcantara. Full carbon seats (for lightness of course) are covered with the material and other weight saving measures can be seen throughout the cabin. McLaren even got rid of the buttons used for aircon and adapted the display inside to enable the driver to fiddle with the air-con system. That is some crazy stuff right there. Additional weight saving measures include a full carbon fiber pack and all of that clearly shows that McLaren wanted to create a full on track ready car with the 675 LT. And, boy ouu boy, they did it. The weight has been brought down considerably. 220 lbs have been slashed, which means that the McLaren 675 LT weighs exactly 2.711 lbs. That is less than the Volkswagen Golf for goodness sake. And with that 3,8 liter twin turbocharged V8 tuned to produce 675 HP, this thing is capable of some neck braking maneuvers, such as acceleration to 62 in 2.9 seconds and we believe some mind boggling cornering when all of that active aerodynamic works at full.


However, not everyone will be allowed to buy this car. Only 250 units will be produced thus making the car even more exclusive than the McLaren P1 and much more exclusive than its biggest nightmare the Ferrari 488 GTB. Then again, not a lot of people in this world are able to cash out more than $400.000 for a tenth or eleventh car in the house.


All in all, the McLaren 675 LT is a thing of beauty and it is a car that will look a Ferrari straight in the eye and with a cup of tea say *uck you to it. It is that good. However, the 488 GTB is just an entry level supercar. We wonder what can we expect when Ferrari makes the lightweight version of it!?



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