Buell XB Pirate – by Iron Pirate Garage

Updated April 4, 2017

We’ve seen this stunning Buell XB 9 custom doing the rounds on a few renowned custom blogs, but without any real information. We decided to get in contact with Italy’s Iron Pirate Garage for the low down on this unusual build. Thank fully, Iron Pirate’s captain, Iuri Castaldi replied and gave us the story.


“The Buell originally belonged to a very good friend of mine, Luke Guiggi. After seeing some of my latest custom creations, he decided that it was high time to change the appearance of his Buell. That, and because it was in need of some maintenance…!


I took a look at some of Iron Pirate’s last builds, and there’s definitely an underlying style that runs through their design aesthetic: modernism. “I’m a very modern person, and because of that, I opted for a technically challenging style of bodywork, with angular accents.” And the bodywork truly is stunning. First of all, Iuri began by building a new rear sub frame, complete with a tidy battery holder. At the front, Iron Pirate replaced the original front fairing with a sleek front piece, that holds the new eyeball style light, with another LED housing. Next, they worked on the air intake system, which now runs through a custom made fiberglass air box. The electrical system had to be rerouted to make it all fit!


Whilst working on the front, Iuri decided to scrap the original front forks in favor of adjustable units from Progressive Suspension, and treated the stock rims with Metzeler rubber, rather than the usual Pirelli Scorpion arrangement.  Up top, the controls have been given a complete overhaul and the XB9 now has new bars from Accossato , and a cool new digital dash too.


The rest of the upgrades include LED blinkers and taillight, with a final LED to illuminate the license plate, and aftermarket mirrors and foot controls. The new saddle has been upholstered in black calfskin leather and it weirdly works when juxtaposed with the sharp, angular tail section.


Save for a tune up and a bit of much needed maintenance, the Buell’s engine was left alone. The only changes worth noting are the bigger exhaust manifolds that Iuri engineered to slightly improve the Buell’s performance.


Finally, the Buell XB Pirate was ready for painting. Iuri called in his friend from Ricky Kustom Painting who put together this aggressive fusion of gloss and flat black, with red matte accents.


All in all, it’s an incredible build that takes a fresh look at the Buell XB series. With Eric Buell Racing seeming to be making a return to the main stage, perhaps they should be looking to Iron Pirate for inspiration?

(Photos courtesy of Andrea Lippi)


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