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Own A Bugatti: GilletteLabs/Bugatti Heated Razor Offers Smoooooth Shaves

A Buttery Smooth Face is in Your Future With This Luxury Agile Bleu Grooming Tool

Bugatti Heated Razor

Bugatti and GilletteLabs partnered to create a stubble-busting special edition heated razor in glistening Agile Bleu. Gillette’s heated razor technology promises the most luxurious grooming experience a man can get at home. Ridiculous? Completely, utterly so, and we absolutely had to try it!

Bugatti is a French brand that defines opulence. They produce some of the most powerful, audacious four-wheeled hypercars on the planet. Gillette on the other hand is a brand built on the humble safety razor and is a subsidiary of the Proctor & Gamble domestic products empire. In many ways, this would seem an unlikely pairing. You might even call it a contrived marketing scheme to sell more heated razor cartridges, at $6.25 a pop.

Fortunately for you, we ‘suffered’ through testing Bugatti’s first foray into male grooming.

The Greater Bearded Market

The male grooming business is a bit of a side hobby for me. I’ve been developing my own beard-oil formulation and know the market statistics well. The numbers are impressive – by double-digit percentages, Men are actually starting to care about skincare and beard care. It’s not just for metrosexuals anymore.

The market of bearded folk is orders of magnitude larger than the market of hypercar buyers. By leveraging its ultra-luxury brand name, Bugatti is diversifying its income channels.

Impressive Press Kit

The GilletteLabs Bugatti Razor Press Kit

GilletteLabs went all-out with their press kit for the special edition Bugatti razor. The box felt like it could sink a small dinghy.

Once through the cardboard, I was greeted with a satin finish metal case adorned with a lapis strap. Very James Bond.

Under the hood is Gillette’s finest razor shimmering in Bugatti Bleu, almost looking wet. Parked next to that – a collector’s edition Bugatti Chiron scale model in matching livery.

Diving deeper there’s a monogrammed notepad, pen, and the color-matched magnetic charging base.

GilletteLabs Bugatti Heated Razor starter kit

The actual tool for shaving weighs exactly 2% of the full press kit – no word yet about whether the cool kit we received will ever be available to the public. The consumer kit available to you now loses the fancy case, model car, and other branded accessories, but (perhaps more importantly) includes two razor cartridges.

Bugatti Razor Review

Yeah, it produces a smooth shave. Damn smooth! Dare I say; “the best a man can get”?

Like most luxury things, you don’t know what you’re missing until you try it – and then it’s impossible to go back once you’ve tasted first class. My wife agrees, this razor produces a smoooooth shave.

The heated Bugatti razor is safe to use in the shower. It also feels like a solid grooming tool that should last a while.

If there’s any downside, it’s that you need at least a little shaving cream to temper the heat.

It’s also going to be hard for me to stomach the replacement blade cartridge cost, at $6.25 each. I have a hunch, however, that these blades may last longer than average. Because the razor stands elevated and is heated, it’s naturally going dry faster –dirty wet blades kills razor cartridges faster than anything else.

The Least Expensive Official Bugatti Badge You Can Buy?

This is consumerism at its finest. But considering that COVID has us spending less on travel, commuting, and 3-piece suits, why not burn some disposable income on a little luxury? This is the closest you’ll get to a hot towel shave (and realistically the closest I’ll ever get to owning a Bugatti).

The GilletteLabs heated razor even won a best of CES award in 2019.

The Bugatti/GilletteLabs Bugatti Heated Razor starter package will set you back $170. If you’d like the same razor without the Bugatti logo or Lapis Bleu paint scheme you’ll save yourself $55.


No one needs this razor, but then no one needs a Bugatti to buy groceries. This is a fantastic self-care luxury splurge with a delightful product design that you will not regret. If you have a bearded automotive enthusiast in your life and need a gift, ABSOLUTELY buy this for them.

(Also, don’t forget to take care of that smooth skin with a post-shave treatment – look for MTN FACE (the brand I’m working on) beard products soon – that is if I ever manage to take a break from writing.)

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