Bugatti Veyron Available on eBay For Only $125,000

Published June 6, 2016

If it looks too good to be true, then it likely is. This eBay Bugatti Veyron is only a replica, although one of the best we’ve seen recently. In fact, we have already come across multiple Veyron kits and replicas like this reworked 2001 Mercury Cougar or this here kit. If you take a close look at all of them, you’ll probably agree that $125,000 replica actually takes the biscuit.


It’s so good in fact, that you probably won’t assume it’s a fake unless you’re a real hypercar aficionado. Wheels, front fascia, side scoops, headlights, and especially interior will give it away after thorough examination. Still, you have to give credit to Mike (the seller) who’s obviously done as good job on it as he could have with limited budget. I mean, for $125,000, this Veyron copy even comes with carbon fiber roof, scoops and wing, HID headlamps, and adjustable front suspension. Interior might be made of much lower quality materials than it is the case with the real thing, but at least it too looks like the real deal. Mike singles out massive sound system with tons of LED lights, power windows, power mirrors, Indiglo custom gauges, remote door pops, and parking sensors among other things.

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As far as the donor car is concerned, 2005 Pontiac GTO has been used. In fact, Veyron replica is still registered and insured as last-gen GTO. It has north of 87,000 miles on its odometer, manual 5-speed transmission and GM V8 mill inside it. Listing is little vague on actual powerplant, but our guess is it’s GTO’s own 6.0L LS2 mill with solid 400 horsepower output. I know Veyron packs more than double that, but 400 hp is still a solid figure since most other replicas come with much less. After all, you don’t want average sedans kicking the crap out of your Veyron, and this ensures they won’t. However, pittting it against a real supercar or taking it to exclusive car owners meet might not be the best of ideas.

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