Bugatti Veyron Gets Wet; Owner Gets Jail Time

Published December 20, 2015

This Bugatti Veyron was intentionally driven into a lake by the owner in hopes to collect a 2.2 Million dollar insurance claim. Of course; he was immediately questioned about the incident and why he failed to attempt to save the car along with other details. His story was weak; but may have worked until this video in the link below surfaced on You Tube. A innocent by-stander was taking a video of the Bugatti because he thought it was cool and he got the entire situation on tape.


The owner; Andy House bought this extreme 1,000 horsepower hypercar in the fall of 2009 for approximately 1 Million dollars and immediately acquired 2.2 Million dollars worth of insurance for the automobile. It was rumored that shortly after the purchase of the Bugatti and the insurance coverage that he attempted to hire someone to steal the car and set it on fire. When plan one was unsuccessful he apparently came up with plan two which was to drown the car in a lake.

The insurance investigator had several questions for House about the accident including how it happened, why no efforts were made to prevent it, and specifically why was the engine not shut off to possibly salvage this expensive supercar. He gave them one excuse after another saying he was reaching for his cell phone, distracted by a pelican, and then lost control and went into the lake. His excuse for not shutting the engine off to possibly save it was that he was being attacked by mosquitoes and was not able to do so.

Much to his surprise; this whole incident was video taped and appeared on You Tube causing House to admit his guilt and face the consequences. He pleaded guilty to the charge of wire fraud that could have sent him to prison for up to twenty years. The judge sentenced House to a one year and one day jail sentence with a three year post release supervision requirement. He had received an insurance settlement in 2012 that the judge required him to reimburse.

This was the video that proved his guilt that was taken by accident due to the fact that someone was just admiring the unique Bugatti going down the road. The language may be offensive to some people. Enjoy!




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