Build Your Ultimate Muscle Car

Ever Wanted To Build A Muscle Car?

Updated September 3, 2018

Out with the new and in with the old

Build A Muscle Car

My daily driver, no big deal

Have you ever wanted to build your own classic car from scratch and not have to deal with rust removal, Fred Flinstone floor pans, dents and rat turds that gathered up over the years? Well now you can start with a fresh body and build up your dream machine. A company by the name of Dynacorn International although sounds like an evil Whole Foods conglomerate is actually a manufacturer of factory-spec reproduction parts. When we say reproduction, there is no difference in fit and material then when the original car was assembled in Detroit in the 60’s. So you can spend thousands for an original or start with a straight body. This personally has me excited as the options are endless. So now I am dreaming of getting the 1967 Mustang Convertible shell and placing the new 5.0 Mustang engine and powertrain would make it the ultimate daily driver and road trip machine. If you could find a good price on a salvaged 5.0 you could probably build one for nearly the same price. The problem is that the shells don’t come cheap and there are about one-million parts that are going to need to be put on this baby.

Build A Muscle Car 2

Modern Classic that is Classically Modern

What’s awesome is the fact that the same company also builds the late 60’s Camaro, Firebird and Chevelle so you could build a 1969 Camaro with a new 6.2L ZL1 engine and transmission and I would certainly pick that over the new Camaro. So as I am preparing to sell organs and children on the black market I can’t help but make up my dream machine in my head that would utilize new technology like GM’s incredible magnetically controlled suspension as well as massive Brembo brakes.

Build A Muscle Car 3

My lust for American power

Imagine being able to have a completely stock looking restoration trailer queen looking car that was reliable enough to drive everyday and capable enough to spank nearly every modern muscle car. It is seriously the best of both worlds. Don’t get me wrong, I like the looks of today’s Mustang, Camaro, and Challenger. When I see a modern muscle car I stare as it drives by, when I see an actual 60’s era muscle car I pull into the parking lot and take pictures like the paparazzi. There is just something about the looks of the originals that makes me wedding vegetables tingle. If anyone has pics or accounts of someone they know doing this then please share.



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