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Built from Ebay El Camino 1966

Built by Ebay Series. Pt.1 The 1966 El Camino.

Published September 6, 2012

Over the past several weeks Ebay has been involved with a competition of sorts where the grand prize will have a few winners, and no losers. The Built by Ebay series is, and has been an online show that involved four(4) different mechanical shops, building vehicles from the ground up, to be bid on, and then the proceeds are donated to the shop’s charity of choice. Like I mentioned before there a few winners, and no losers.

The Built by Ebay series is drawing to a close, and the winner has already been chosen. The winner will1966 El Camino Ebay start off our four part series of articles in the upcoming days. The People’s Choice Winner is the 1966 Chevy El Camino. This car was rolled into Duran’s Quality Painting located in Baldwin Park CA., over several weeks ago, and when it came in, the team at Duran’s were a little squeamish to say the least. Between having a ton of work already sitting in front of them, and now the pressure of building, completing, and trying to win a competition was now weighing heavy on their minds.

The El Camino was brought into the shop with most of its parts sitting in the already stripped, and primed bed. It was a daunting task to even begin to further strip this well known car down to it’s bare bones, but it had to be done. With some long nights ahead, and multiple visits to, the El Camino was well on it’s way to stardom. Rico Duran, Manager/Owner pulled every able bodied family member into his shop, fired up the grille, and kept the steaks a coming, along with a few Coronas made the long nights a little more Ebay Built Series Winnerbearable.

As you may have already guessed, any and all parts came from, and once delivered, were immediately fitted, to become a more permanent fixture on the car. As the parts began to come in with a more consistent flow, the El Camino’s shape, and style was becoming more evident. Rico Duran’s vision of a smooth, clean, and border line sexy Low Rider El Camino was coming to fruition. The Camino parts list grew longer and longer with the coming days, and with any other special project the boys at Duran’s Quality Painting grew more, and more attached to their prized possession.

The parts list was comprised of items, such as a Chevy 350 Crate motor, a 1966 Chevelle 2 Speed wiper motor, 1965 El Camino Brake Conversion kit, a GM Performance Serpentine Belt Accessory kit, a Spectra Premium Industries Radiator Core, 14” wire wheels, with Cocker Whitewall Tires, and some House of Kolor Candy Paint to make this ride shine. After everything was said and done, and the final episode was aired, the Built by Ebay 1966 El Camino was named the People’s Choice Winner. The team at Duran’s put in hundreds of man hours, in order to create this stunning, and artistic vehicular masterpiece. The lines of the Camino flow smoothly from front to back, while the simplicity of the interior, is a constant reminder of how a well done low rider can be created. The next and current step is the auction. As it stands right now the highest bid on the Camino is $18,100 US dollars, and with 8 days remaining who knows how high the bidding will go.

Built from Ebay 1966 El CaminoOnce it’s all said and done the proceeds will be donated to the SEMA Memorial Scholarship Fund. Rico wanted to be sure to give back to the one group who always gave him and his team a chance to shine. When it was down to the wire, the members of SEMA always held a spot open for any new project that Duran’s Quality Painting would be willing to show to the viewing public. This time around Rico himself wanted to make sure that what he gave back was well worth the effort.

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