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ORE Ebay Jeep Cherokee Commando

Built from Ebay Series The 1970 Jeep Grand Cherokee Commando.

Updated September 12, 2012

Here we are again folks, pt.4 of the Built from Ebay series. The last but certainly not least build from the team of ORE, Off Road Evolution. The team at ORE were asked to come together to build something of pure unadulterated greatness, and with that said, that’s what they did.

1970 Jeep CommanderTeam leader Mel Wade called a meeting of the minds when a 1970 Jeep Grand Cherokee Commando was towed into his shop located at Fullerton CA.. The Jeep was in decent condition given it’s age. Once the team stopped circling around the Jeep like vultures, the ideas came began to flow. Off Road Evolution is one of the most hardcore off-road custom truck & rig builders in the industry, and they had every intention on putting what they know to good use.

The team stripped the hell out the 1970 Jeep, and broke it down to its bare essentials. Frame, and body were all that was left after a few hours. Certain members of the team were getting ahead of themselves when the tear down was at it’s final point, by beginning to plasma cut the wheel arches out for more space and opportunity. After the cutting, and measuring took place the fabrication of mounts took place. Brackets galore were either sourced, or made to hold all of the new pieces of hardware that would soon go into this rig. 

Parts from their own shop as well as parts from Ebay began to find their way into 1970 Jeep Cherokee. 40” Mickey Thompson Mud Grapplers, were ordered as rolling stock for the Jeep, combine that with King Off-Road shocks the Jeep would be standing very tall Ebay Built 1970 Jeepamong it’s competitors. The team’s next step was a bit of a “No No” among the hardcore, dedicated car builders of the nation. The Jeep’s motor was trashed, and would never see the light of day again, so Mel decided to drop a Chevy 350 Crate Motor into the Jeep, and for all of the right reasons. Most Jeep guys would be crying at this point but Mel and his team pulled it off swimmingly. Mated to the Chevy was a GM Performance Chevy 350 Transmission, with a High Torque rated Torque Converter, Flex Plate, and an ORE Turbo 350 custom shifter.

After the dust settled, and the grinders were turned off, the 1970 Jeep Grand Cherokee looked nothing like it did when it was towed into the shop. In front of these men, stood Built by Ebay Jeepstera machine of power, strength, agility, pride, and most of all honor. Mel, and his team at ORE worked their asses off to make sure that they exceeded any regular standards that they may have had. After all this build wasn’t just for them, it was for the California Trail Users Coalition. This group was put together for the sole use of men and women who love to go trail riding. It provides an open forum for discussions about issues with certain trails, negotiations with opening new trails and other matters of importance.

Like with the other builds, the ORE 1970 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trail Rig is currently up for grabs via the Ebay auction. Presently there’s just over 25 hours left on the clock, and you can still grab this rig, if you’re will to pay for it. The Built From Ebay series has been a great competition for those who directly participated in it. It has provided a means of not only showcasing some pretty awesome talents, but also providing everyday people, like you, and me more information about some organizations that we may have never even known about. I enjoyed writing about this series, and would not hesitate to do it again. Good Luck with all the bidding, and Thank You Ebay for making this such an awesome gathering. Thanks for Reading.


Listed below are all of the charities, and foundations receiving the proceeds from this event.

CTUC – California Trail Users Coalition — Mel Wade: Off Road Evolution                    Semper Fi Fund – Brian Mackey: Mackey’s Hot Rods                                                      SEMA Cares – Micheal Essa & Nick Richards: GSR Autosports                                                  SEMA Scholarships – Rico Duran: Duran’s Quality Painting


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