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911 porsche rally car 1984

Built from Ebay. The Porsche 911.

Updated September 9, 2012

We’re back again for part three of the Built from Ebay competition challenge. In this installment we are going to go over the team that represents European Car Magazine, GSR Autosport, led by Nick Richards, and Micheal Essa.

Like the other teams, Mike, and Nick had to choose a car for their build, and they went 1984 porsche 911 Ebaywith a classic Burgundy 1984 Porsche 911. Now if you’re like me, and you know your cars, the 911 was, and still is a sweet ride, but these guys had an ulterior motive in mind. After blowing a hefty portion of their overall budget on procuring the 911, Mike, Nick, and the team at GSR came up with a tribute theme. They decided to build a replica Porsche Rally Car. The idea seemed a little intangible, but what else could you do to an otherwise almost pristine ride?

The tear down commenced, and of course the motor, transmission, and interior were all in outstanding condition, and this worked in their favor. They were able to sell off parts that didn’t get used on Ebay for a profit, which in turn went to buying more parts. The clear coat, and paint were completely stripped off, and then a Red, White, and Blue racing theme was established, after the primer had settled on the car. porsche 911 built from ebaySoon after the parts began to find their way onto, and into the body of the Porsche 911. New rear deck lids, official rally lights, and pods were added to the mix. Medium Compound A/T Rally tires, and matching rims were sourced to help complete the look of the car.

Engine components were at a minimum due to how well the engine was kept before the purchase. New headers were installed, along with some basic tuning, and then the completed Porsche 911 Rally Car was fired up and test driven out on the open roads, both on and off road. The Porsche performed better than expected, and the team couldn’t have been more pleased with the results of all of their hard efforts. With everything that went into this build, the GSR Autosport team placed third in the rankings, but as it stands, there are four(4) days remaining, and the bid for this car is around $15,600 U.S. Dollars. When the bidding closes, all proceeds will go to the SEMA Cares fund.911 porsche rally car 1984


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