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Bullet Proof Cars For Chinas Rich?

In 2018 China Car Times was acquired by Autowise. This article originally appeared on

Chinese Car News | CCTDecember 5, 20068:30 am

It seems that Chinas rich are on edge these days, so on edge in fact, that they want to turn their average everyday sedans and SUVs into bullet proof machines that deserve to be in a James Bond movie.

I spent 700 thousand yuan to refit my Toyota Land Cruiser into a bulletproof vehicle. Its excellent! A boss from Shanghai said. He was a real estate manager who had assets of RMB hundreds of millions. He had just signed a contract with Chongqing Jinguan Vehicle Manufacture Co. to refit his brand-new Toyota hatchback into a commercial bulletproof automobile.

Crazy. Although since the opening of China every Chinese person is rushing as hard as they can to get as rich as they can in a short as possible time, some people do it the legit way, others do it the not so legit way, kidnappings arent that common here in China, but they do happen, here, and here are just two examples I found, dont let that worry you though car crime in China is very, very rare!

China Car Times doesnt yet see the need to spend 700k RMB on converting a 30k USD car though, maybe one day when our internet empire takes off, we will re think the idea.

Source: China Daily.

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