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BYD F8 Soft top

In 2018 China Car Times was acquired by Autowise. This article originally appeared on

BYD Autos, the company that is owned by a mobile phone battery maker and is based in Xi An, central China released its F8 soft top today at the Beijing Car Show. BYD first came about in the late 1990?s when they started to assemble the Suzuki Alto for the Chinese market in cooperation with Suzuki.

It seems that BYD have actually come a long way, although many of their new offerings look a lot like existing car designs, take for example the below F8 does it remind you of a Mercedes SL at all? It does to me, and coincidently BYDs F3 looks like a Toyota Corolla, BYDs F6 looks like a BMW..

Here is the new F8, courtesy of photos from Autoblog (again) they have more photos but their page is in Chinese. The F8?s roof can be put up or down in 25 seconds using a hydraulic system, the dashboard has a digital computer which can used to control the internal climate, as well as play DVDs. The computer uses bluetooth to talk to any other devices you might have with you (i.e. cellphone, laptop) The car REALLY looks like an Mercedes SL front and Renault Megane rear stuck together, but still, a nice looking car and a bargain at $25,000 or 200,000RMB. BYD has no plans to export this car as of yet, sadly.



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