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BYD sells 265 pure electric E6 MPV’s in August

In 2018 China Car Times was acquired by Autowise. This article originally appeared on

When running through the auto sales figures for the entire Chinese market earlier this month I was slightly surprised to see that BYD had a rather good month, despite the doom and gloom surrounding their brand BYD pulled in some strong sales with its F0, F3, L3 and G3 models, but the real surprise came from its new energy cars. In August 2011 BYD saw sales of 265 E6?s, which according to BYDs PR department was due to a large fleet purchase by Shenzhens Pengcheng Taxi Company who took on 250 E6?s for their own fleet, 46 F3DMs also rolled out of BYD bringing total yearly sales for that particular model to 395 units.

BYD originally sold 50 E6?s for taxi use in Shenzhen as a way to monitor the E6?s performance under real world stop-start conditions, the combined 50 vehicles have already traveled a combined 4.2 million kilometers but soon there will be 300 E6?s prowling the streets of Shenzhen which will make it the largest pure electric automotive fleet in the world.

BYD will begin sales to private buyers in the next few weeks with the BYD E6B which is likely to boost sales figures considerably



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