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C8 Corvette

This C8 Corvette Is Based On Spy Shots And Promises Hybrid

C8 Corvette will come as an hybrid E-Ray as well

Published July 6, 2017

Everyone’s favorite topic, The mid-engine, C8 Corvette is surely one of the industry’s worst kept secrets. And despite the fact that Chevy has stayed close-lipped regarding the vehicle, we as a whole know it is coming to shake up the supercar industry. That is the mid-engine Corvette, has been spun on the gossip process once more. This time, Wheels has unveiled potential points of interest encompassing the C8 Corvette, which is ready to be the most progressive emphasis of the games auto ever.

C8 Corvette

To begin, the C8 Corvette is tipped to become a truly global car. That implies Bowling Green, Kentucky—which will suspend open visits to prepare for something—will be producing right-and left-hand drive variations. All the more essentially, the C8 Corvette will show up down under. As it turns out as a Holden. It may lead the Australian sports car renaissance.

Entry level C8 Corvette With 500+hp?

C8 Corvette

The report uncovers subtle elements on the powertrains also. In particular, a “base” C8 is supposed to touch base with a 502 hp small-block V8 motor. With the most recent lightweight and streamlined innovation included, of course. Shaving weight from the auto is said to be a high need to help make the C8 Corvette the speediest, quickest cycle of the nameplate ever. Interestingly, the report states the small-block V8 will retain an OHV configuration. We’d beg to differ, but suppose anything is possible.

C8 Corvette

In regards to additional variants, an even hotter ZR1 model is said to arrive early next decade with a DOHC V8 engine producing around 670 hp. On the other hand, a C8 Corvette E-Ray employs hybrid systems to push power even further. General Motors has already moved to trademark the “E-Ray” name. Furthermore, a Corvette mule has been spotted at GM’s battery facility, too.

C8 Corvette


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