Cadillac Escalade Brings Bling to China

Updated September 9, 2018

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The Escalade was the car to have circa 2007 and 2008 when they seemed almost unavoidable on Chinese roads against Hummers of all kinds, including the occasional Humvee yes the original military version, how this ended up in China is a mystery (and it wasnt a Shenyang or Dongfeng clone). I used to see an Escalade pick up truck on my daily commute but now it seems that with the price of gas the owner keeps those sweet V8 sounds for his own weekend amusement rather than as a daily driver.

GM brought the Escalade back to China at this years Shanghai Auto Show for anybody who might be interested in buying an oversized SUV that has been bouncing around the auto market since around 2007. A fourth generation version of the Escalade is due in 2015 which might garner some interest in China if the external details were toned down some what. Chinese consumers currently pay 1.38 to 1.45 million RMB for the 6.0L truck, the same amount of money would get you into a Range Rover Sport with a V8 engine. I rest my case.




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