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Updated December 7, 2014

As seen in yesterday’s article about Jeep Cherokees, I can be the cynical old couth that fears change. It is my “autocross to bear.”  I often have a hard time seeing vehicles that have become staples for their niche get all “fubar”, do to what the manufacturer thinks the general public wants. Some vehicles just need slight tweaks over the years in order to become even better and more desirable yet I understand that auto manufacturers are building these for profit, not to gain the respect of individuals that just bitch online all day. So like great vehicles that are evolving, we see the new Porsche 911 coming out with a totally revamped underside with aluminum frame and electric power steering and that it seems to go against the classic 911 that was made from recycled Panzer armor and a steering wheel that gave you feedback just before the ass-end of the car passed you in a corner. Well it appears that the Porsche 911 is changing but one California based company is doing the traditionalists proud be simply tweaking the classics. And by tweaking I mean totally regenerating classics into carbon fiber fire breathers that you can drive onto the grass at pebble beach. Though you would expect to see a blasphemous take on a classic you would be wrong. These classic 911’s look like a slightly modified classic with impeccable attention to detail to the interior and exterior but once you start snooping around closer you notice HID lights, big rotors, and a suspension ready for any race. Singer Porsche builds these 911’s based on what the customer wants. From their previous orders they are coming to the conclusion that most customers want a street legal race car that is nice enough to take darling baby to the regalia at Augusta.

porsche singer exterior

The life of a Singer Porsche 911 starts out as an existing donor 911 in need of some loving. The car and powertrain is completely stripped down to bare metal and then are only the cherry parts used. If it doesn’t pass the ridiculous quality control then it is properly mended and/or replaced with carbon fiber panels. In fact most front panels are replaced with carbon fiber panels on the high-end models as they work to turn the car into a modern day exotic slayer while looking like Ferdinand Porsche is still placing the Porsche emblem on the car. The interior is museum quality and looks like one of Ralph Lauren’s restorations. With over 4,000 man hours going into these cars it almost seems criminal to take these beauties away from the talented craftsman that worked so hard on them.

singer porsche interior

The extent of the quality and performance lies with the customer, since you have to provide the donor Porsche means you get to call the shots between what all gets done, but wow the options are magnificent. From a 3.6L that is smog compliant gets you 270hp while the track monster 3.8L is only legal in some states and for track use only pumps out a very impressive 360hp in this little carbon fiber Porsche. The transmission can be the standard rebuilt 5-speed or the addition of a limited-slip differential or a close ratio 6-speed. The results are incredible and with sticky tires and better brakes and suspension means that you have a classic supercar killer on your hands. The price, well that is up to you but trust me when I say that it is supercar priced.

singer porsche



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