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Callaway Cars to produce Shooting Brake kit for the Chevrolet Corvette

Introducing The Corvette Shooting Brake Kit!

Updated October 3, 2018

Way back in 2013, the magicians over at Callaway were tempting us with a shooting brake conversion for the Chevrolet Corvette. Well, it looks like that they received a sufficient response because they are building it.

If you want a brand new shooting brake, your only option in the United States is the Ferrari FF. If you are open to a used one, they pop up every now and then on the Internet. Regardless of whether you go new or used, you will be paying a lot of money. That is until our good friends at Callaway finally heard us.

Corvette Shooting Brake 1

A shooting brake is basically a custom station wagon. It is a British word for a vehicle that was used in old England to transport game and equipment to shooting parties. Yes, one of those types of shooting parties.

Corvette Shooting Brake 2

While Callaway Cars is primarily known for engine conversions on General Motors vehicles that result in big horsepower gains. The Corvette AeroWagen shooting brake is a new direction in terms of the fact that is a styling enhancement.

Corvette Shooting Brake 3

When Callaway first teased us with their concept back in 2013, they speculated the conversion would cost around $15,000. While pricing has not yet been announced, it should not be an outrageously expensive conversion since the piece is essentially a large lift gate made of carbon fiber.

Corvette Shooting Brake 4

Because the Callaway AeroWagen shooting brake conversion uses many of the rear lift gate parts that the Corvette left the factory with, the conversion can be easily reversed when the owner tires of the conversion or no longer needs the added carrying capacity.

Corvette Shooting Brake 4

For those prospective owners who want added performance with their shooting brake, they can start with the Corvette Stingray or Z06 as a base, resulting in a 650 horsepower custom station wagon.

Corvette Shooting Brake 5

For those buyers who want even more performance from their Corvette shooting break, the team at Callaway cars is happy to build you a custom shooting brake putting out 757 horsepower and 777 lb-ft of torque.

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