Can You Find a Brand New Bugatti in 12 Hours? Floyd Mayweather’s Exotic Car Guru Can

Oki Okeke: The Man Behind The Floyd Mayweather Bugatti And Other Exotic Cars

Updated September 27, 2018

Floyd Mayweather’s 100 exotic cars are almost as famous as his boxing. Behind the scenes a resourceful exotic car magician keeps the boxer’s wheels turning.

Oki Okeke is a partner in an exotic car dealership near Hollywood that caters to TV and motion picture stars and entertainment tycoons, and yes, boxers and other athletes. He’s become know as the man who can make the impossible possible.

Floyd Mayweather Bugatti 1

The man who makes it all happen: Obi Okeke

For example, at 3 a.m. one morning Okeke’s phone rang in his Los Angeles home. It was Mayweather who wanted a second Bugatti Veyron delivered to his mansion Las Vegas  – in 12 hours. This was just prior to the first Marcos Maidana fight last year Mayweather decided he wanted to drive the new Bugatti to the gym that day. Okeke made it to Mayweather’s driveway with an hour to spare.

For Bugatti number 3, Mayweather called in the afternoon and wanted it delivered to his Vegas digs by midnight.

Okeke told Automotive News there’s no room for mediocrity when dealing with Mayweather. The boxer has high expectations for himself, Okeke said, and therefore does for everyone around him.

Floyd Mayweather Bugatti 2

The Ferrari Enzo and three Bugatti Veyrons Okeke sold to Mayweather for approximately $10 million in cash

Of the 100 cars reported in Mayweather’s collection, Okeke sold him 39 cars including a Ferrari Enzo and three Bugatti Veyrons, the last four cars alone worth nearly $10 million combined (which he paid for entirely in cash).

Floyd Mayweather Bugatti 3

Okeke was born in Nigeria to an American mother and a Nigerian father and educated in Switzerland. He started his career as a Chevrolet dealer in 1987 and eventually moved on to manage stores for Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, BMW, Ferrari and Maserati before he started his own. It was at the Ferrari dealership in 2008 where he met Mayweather.

Floyd Mayweather Bugatti 4





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