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Car Accident Compensation: It’s All About the Evidence

Updated March 27, 2014

Car accidents are often terrifying experiences that can leave you feeling shaken and unable to think clearly. Under these stressful circumstances, you need clear step-by-step guidance that will lead you through the actions you need to take to ensure you are appropriately compensated. This guide is designed to provide you with the essential information you need to get the compensation you deserve after you have been involved in aUKroad accident.


  • Call the police and an ambulance. If anyone has been injured in the accident, they could be entitled to personal injury compensation. To support your claim, it is essential that police and medical personnel are present at the scene to treat injuries and document the details of what has happened.


  • Get the other driver’s details. After aUKroad accident, the two involved parties must exchange contact details, including names, addresses, telephone numbers and insurance details. If the other driver is not able to supply you with his insurance details at the scene of the accident, make sure you contact him to find out this vital information as soon as possible. You should also record the registration number and make of the other vehicle, as well as the number of passengers it was carrying.


  • Get witness contact details. An eyewitness account of the accident is powerful evidence. Get the contact details of anyone who witnessed the crash: their testimony could be used to settle a dispute between you and the other driver about how the accident happened.


  • Take photographs. If you have a camera or a mobile phone with you, photograph the accident scene. Your photographs should show the positions of all the vehicles involved, the damage sustained by each vehicle, and any skid marks on the road. If you don’t have a camera with you, you can still document the damage to your own vehicle once you get home. If you didn’t manage to take the photos you wanted at the scene, consider going back to the scene of the accident with a camera soon after the incident to capture skid marks or other visible signs that an accident has taken place. This evidence will help you to prove what actually happened and contest any challenges that the other driver makes to your version of events.


  • Contact your insurance provider to let them know about the accident. Provide all relevant details of the accident, including details of any injuries you have suffered.


  • Keep records of your symptoms. Car accidents can result in a number of health conditions, such as whiplash, that can seriously impact your daily life. Writing down the symptoms you experience, along with the dates that you experienced them, can strengthen your case for compensation. Document any pain in your neck, back, or other parts of your body, as well as psychological symptoms such as driving phobias, loss of appetite, shock or sleepless nights.


  • Visit your GP. You may have attended hospital immediately after the hospital. If not, then it is essential to see your GP as soon as possible to have your injuries documented and treated. If further symptoms arise after your initial visit, then make a second appointment. Some serious road accident health consequences, such as whiplash or back pain, sometimes present themselves several days after the accident.


  • Document your expenses. Any expenses that have resulted from the accident, such as repair and recovery costs, prescription charges, loss of earnings, and costs associated with not being able to use your vehicle, should be recorded. Always ask for receipts and keep these together in a safe place.


By following these few simple steps, you will increase your chance of making a successful claim for compensation. The amount of accident compensation you get could depend on the strength of the evidence you collect. Recovering from a road accident can be a traumatic process, but by following this straightforward advice you can take control of the situation and stand a good chance of winning your claim forUKroad accident compensation.


Hugh Edmundson is an independent legal researcher. He has recently been researching developments with regards to motor accident claims and reporting his findings on various blogs.



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