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Car Chase Through Streets of Romania with High Crazy Driver

19-Year Old Romanian Girl Drives Like a Mad Woman with a Flat Tire


We keep hearing headlines about how marijuana doesn’t affect people’s driving skills or judgment while driving a vehicle, but when a story like this one comes to the surface, it tends to discredit most of those headlines.  In a recent video published by Universal TV, the footage shows a 19-year old Romanian girl speeding through the streets of Cruj, Romania, weaving in and out of moving traffic, as well as stopped traffic.

Stoned Romanian Driver Crash

The footage (shown in the video below) of the unstable driver, was taken by an angry cab driver that nearly collided with the reckless driver of the car.  By the time he had encountered the driver, she had appeared to have popped the front-driver tire, meaning that she was speeding through the streets literally on three wheels.  After driving for several miles, the driver of the vehicle sped past a police car, resulting in a full-fledged police pursuit.  However, the girl’s joyride didn’t come to an end because of police pursuit/force; she encountered a round-about and lost control of the vehicle after attempting to speed through it going way too fast.

Upon the police encountering the girl, they stated that she was suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol.  However, blood tests revealed that she had, in fact, not consumed any alcohol, but rather was high on marijuana at the time of the reckless driving.  They were also surprised to learn that the driver of the vehicle did not have a valid driver’s license, which is actually almost impressive considering how well she maneuvered the car driving so quickly and with only three tires.

Insurance companies in the United States have conducted reviews of data consisting of insurance claims between the years of 2011 and 2016 and found that states with laws that legalize marijuana use in their states have had a 3-percent increase in traffic accidents during the studied time frame.  While these statistics do not show a drastic change in the number of traffic accidents (potentially caused by the increased use of marijuana while driving), they are significant.

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