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Car maker of the day: Chang’An

In 2018 China Car Times was acquired by Autowise. This article originally appeared on

Weve been letting slip our promise to explain the Chinese car industry recently, with a lot of anouncements from the Roewe and Nanjing MG camps, you could say weve focused on the big boys and forgot about the smaller sized fish. Thats not to say ChangAn are a little fish, quite the opposite theyve have joint ventures agreements with some of the biggest players, namely Ford, Mazda, and Suzuki. However, when it comes to making their own brand cars they are reasonably new to the market. Their latest releases, the hatchback named Ben Ben (it means something that goes quick) and the larger people carrier that is roughly the same as their subsidery, Landwinds, offering the Feng Shang (means fashionable wind, supposed to sound like its English name, Fashion)

Chang An Ben Ben

Ben Ben means something that runs fast, or quick. Is this a suitable name for a tiny 1.3 engined car? We hope so. The car measures 3525mm long by 1650mm wide and 1550mm tall, its a bit shorter than the Chery QQ6. Actually, we believe the angles, and the lines of the car to be much more pleasing on the eye than the Chery QQ6. The Cherry QQ6 has taken that bubble image to the very outer limits. The Ben Ben comes with a 1.3 engine, the JL472Q2 at the time of writing, were not sure if this engine is ChangAns own, if it comes via their partnership with Suzuki. The engine gives the car 86 horses, so its comparable to other cars in its class. On the price side of things, the cheapest model is just 30,980rmb, the most expensive Ben Ben is 40,680RMB. A real bargain, and potential QQ killer

ChangAn CV11 MPV

As mentioned earlier, this car is the same as Landwinds (Landwind is owned by ChangAn) with slight grill modifications. A further look at the interiors of the two cars shows a lot of the similarities, no similarities actually, they are the same.

ChangAn CV11

Landwind Interior

The CV11 price is rather low at 90,000RMB which comes with a 2.0l engine. The cars specs are 4410mm long by 1768mm wide and 1640mm tall.



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