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Car Technologies Change Quickly

Updated October 10, 2012

Car Technology InteriorCar technologies change quickly, from run flat tires to forward collision systems. Many of the changes on the technologies home front for cars are based around safety.  Highway limits are being raised all the time so our speeds are faster, we tend to be more distracted (phone call for Mr. Driver, please pick up) and cars have even seen a change in how seatbelts are used. These changes are just the tip of the iceberg. Yet not all changes are safety based, some are meant to save us money as well.

Adaptive headlight technology means that whichever way you steer the wheel your headlights rotate toward that direction. This technology alone has helped with a drop off with accidents. Some reports shows up to 10% of night time accidents have been reduced thanks to these new style lights.  Lane departure warning systems are designed to let you know when you are drifting out of your lane or when someone is drifting into yours. This warning system much like the Adaptive headlights are there to help you before you know you need that help.

These forms of “Radar” recognize when cars suddenly slow down and stop, with the idea that future concepts of these technologies will even help us drive in stop and go traffic.  Car Technology Mini

One of the biggest changes is coming from what is called Stop-start technology. Most of the cars that will be sold in the U.S. will have this tech by 2017. Designed to save us some money over spending it on wasted gas, Stop Start technology will in effect shut an engine down while at a red light. This is not new global technology, as it has been in use for decades around the world, but it is new for the United States as auto manufactures prep for the Corporate Average Fuel Economy standard that will go into effect in 2016.Car Technology Sterring

Even our local law enforcement will be seeing an upgrade in their technology, while theirs comes from a computer program that checks license plate numbers (looking for stolen cars) GPS systems that come standard in many cars now can pinpoint where any vehicle is at any time. This has helped the car theft rate drop over the last few years. But some of the neatest anti-theft devices getting ready to come out are the ones we all use most often.

A car seat is in the works that will be designed to identify the driver that sits down behind the wheel. Small sensors will measure pressure on the seat itself. So much for that losing weight idea, or for some of you, so much for gaining any weight, you might not be able to dive off from a night out on the town.

Many of these new technologies can be adapted for older cars as well, so fear not classic car fans; you can have your very own self-parking 1932 coup as well. Joking aside, most of these technologies are designed to help us and in the long run save us money. Food for thought for the next time you find yourself shopping for a new car.



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