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8 Best Car Wash Kits For 2021 [Buying Guide]

Get One of The Top Car Wash Kits For a Showroom Shine

Best Overall Choice

Meguiar’s Complete Car Wash Kit

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Best Premium Choice

Adam’s Essentials Complete Car Wash Kit

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Best Budget Choice

Armor All Car Wash Kit

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best car wash kit

If you enjoy washing your car at home, chances are you’re always looking for the latest and greatest car care products. Luckily, you can set yourself up for success with one of the best car wash kits which comes equipped with everything you need for that perfect wash, wax, and shine. Whether you routinely detail your ride or simply want an easy solution on-hand to wash your car in your driveway, these top car washing kits give you everything in one convenient package.

The Best Car Washing Kits On the Market

When considering which car wash kit is best for you, take a look at the included products, overall price, and product reviews. Generally, buying a car wash kit should help you save some money as opposed to buying each product individually. And look for kits that have the type of products you like to use — for example, a spray-on wax vs. one requiring hand application. Read on to find out which car washing kit is the best one for your needs!

Best Overall Choice

1. Meguiar’s Complete Car Wash Kit

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Meguiar’s really outdid themselves with this car wash kit which is packed full of value and comes with several of their most popular products.

This kit comes with a bottle of Gold Class Car Wash solution which produces a huge amount of suds from a small amount of the solution. It effectively removes tough dirt, stains, splattered bugs, and other contaminants. The kit comes with the Gold Class Liquid Wax, a premium blend of carnauba and polymer wax to protect your vehicle’s finish and to leave it shining!

It also includes a Meguiar’s microfiber wash mitt, a soft foam applicator pad, two clay bars, and a microfiber towel. The Quik Detailer and Quik Interior Detailer let you spruce up your car inside and out with the ease of a spray-on application.

You also get a bottle of PlastX plastic cleaner and polisher and ScratchX 2.0 to combat any fine scratches or blemishes in your paint or plastic. With all these great products in one convenient kit, you can properly pamper your car.

Best Premium Choice

2. Adam’s Essentials Complete Car Wash Kit

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If you’re serious about keeping your car clean, this is the car wash kit for you! Adam’s Essentials is one of the leading brands in the car detailing supply world, and this kit will give you all the basic supplies plus a few premium extras.

The kit comes with a bunch of great hardware including a large heavy-duty wash bucket and grit guard, a wheel face brush, a VRT foam block, a Visco clay bar kit, and a 10-inch super soft car wash pad made out of synthetic wool.

If you’ve ever washed then detailed a car before, you know that you’ll go through microfiber towels by the bundle. Adam’s took this into consideration when putting this kit together. You get a single soft towel for use with the detail spray, two borderless grey towels for the H2O Guard and Gloss application, two edgeless utility towels that are perfect for interior detailing, and a huge super plush towel for drying. It doesn’t come with a wash mitt, but with that many quality towels, you might not need one—assuming that you’re using a foam cannon.

Along with all the handy accessories, you also get a spray bottle of ECO All-purpose cleaner, a 16-ounce bottle of Adam’s Car Shampoo, a 16-ounce spray bottle of H2o Guard and Gloss for a shiny finish, a 16-ounce spray bottle of wheel cleaner to clean your rims/wheels and remove brake dust, a 16-ounce spray bottle of VRT (for vinyl, rubber, and tires), and a 16-ounce spray bottle of Total Interior Detailer solution.

As if all of that’s not enough, the kit even includes an air freshener! Sure it has a premium price tag, but compared to the cost of paying for a professional detailing service, you’ll soon see why this Adam’s kit is well worth the money.

Best Budget Choice

3. Armor All Car Wash Kit

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Armor All has been a leading company in the car wash industry for decades. If you’re looking for a basic, affordable car wash kit that will make your car look great, this 4-piece set is definitely for you!

The Armor All car wash kit comes equipped with 16 ounces of Ultra Shine Wash & Wax — the perfect solution for safely removing dirt and contaminants while leaving your car spot-free and shining. The kit also includes a 20-ounce bottle of tire foam that tackles stubborn dirt and moisturizes the rubber on your tires for a natural shine.

The kit also includes 25 glass wipes for use on glass and any other clear plastic on the vehicle’s interior. It also comes with a 10-ounce spray bottle of Armor All’s famous Protectant solution. This spray is safe to use on most plastic, vinyl, and leather surfaces (including the dash), and it cleans, shines, and protects these surfaces to help combat cracking and fading.

This is a great kit for those who are new to the car-cleaning game or who do the occasional home wash to save money. These four basic products cover almost all areas of the vehicle’s interior and exterior.  However, keep in mind that this kit does not include cleaning buckets, towels, or sponges, so you may need to purchase those supplies if you don’t already own them.

4. Chemical Guys Best Car Wash Kit

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Though washing your car at home will definitely save you big bucks over time, you must invest a little upfront before you can ditch going to the car wash. One of the premium brands on the market, Chemical Guys, has put together a great assortment of products for their best car wash kit that you might find is worth spending a little extra money on.

This convenient kit comes with all the cleaning products as well as all of the other car wash supplies that you’ll need. It even includes a 5-gallon wash bucket and a dirt trap which allows the dirt to settle at the bottom of the bucket when you are washing your car.

The kit comes with a super soft microfiber wash mitt, two large microfiber towels, and an empty spray bottle that you can use for your favorite product. The bucket also comes with a lid making it a great container for storing and transporting your car washing supplies.

You also get the popular Mr. Pink super suds shampoo which works wonders to remove grime, build-up, and the toughest of dirt stains. You can then use the Chemical Guys Citrus Wash & Gloss for a final shine.

To prevent damage from harsh minerals in hard water, the kit also comes with a spray bottle of After Wash which ensures a spot-free wash that prevents mineral build-up from the evaporation of hard water. Polish up your tires with the Diablo Wheel cleaner for an spick-and-span exterior you can be proud of.

5. Griot’s Garage Starter Car Wash Kit

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Griot’s Garage is another top name in the car care game with millions of car owners and enthusiasts who use their products regularly. Though a  little pricier than some of the brands you’ll find at your local big-box retailer, Griot’s products are not unattainably expensive. Plus, the quality of their products is well worth the extra few dollars you’ll spend.

This Griot’s Garage starter car wash kit comes with everything you’ll need to get an amazing full-car clean. The kit includes a biodegradable car washing solution that is safe to use on all paints and finishes.  The kit includes a wheel cleaner that is pH-balanced and also safe to use on all types of wheel finishes.

The kit doesn’t just come equipped with supplies to give your ride a good wash, it also comes with a bottle of Griot’s Garage famous Best of Show Wax (which has thousands of great reviews) and a large bottle of their Speed Shine solution. When combined, these products dramatically improve the color of your vehicle’s paint, giving it that desirable sparkle and glossy shine.

Last but not least, this kit includes Griot’s Garage Vinyl & Rubber Dressing. Specifically formulated to protect and shine both rubber and vinyl surfaces, when used with the rest of this kit, you will have your car shining like new from top to bottom.

6. Chemical Guys Arsenal Builder Car Wash Kit

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Another great kit by Chemical Guys is the 14-piece Arsenal Builder. This kit comes with a heavy-duty bucket and dirt trap, a chenille microfiber wash mitt, and three professional-grade microfiber towels.

However, that’s not all of the accessories you’ll get with the Arsenal kit.  You’ll also get a soft Hex-Logic applicator pad and a Body & Wheel flagged-tip handle brush. And perhaps most appealing of all, you get a Foam Blaster 6 wash gun that fits all standard hoses. This foam cannon helps you easily apply your soap or shampoo as a nice sudsy foam all over the vehicle.

The kit includes a 16-ounce bottle of Honeydew car wash soap, a 16-ounce bottle of Chemical Guys’ Signature Series glass cleaner, a 16-ounce bottle of Butter Wet Wax to give your car a great shiny finish after cleaning, a 16-ounce bottle of Silk Shine sprayable dressing, and a 16-ounce bottle of Diablo Gel wheel and rim cleaner.

Perfect for all types of car owners, this kit provides great value and plenty of top-notch products whether you’re a car detailing enthusiast or you just like to spend a bit of time getting your daily driver clean.

7. Armor All Ultimate Car Wash Kit

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If you like Armor All’s products and are looking for a car wash kit that has a few nice add-ons beyond their more basic wash kit, this 9-piece set gives you everything you need for a thorough car cleaning.

In terms of products, you get 16-ounces of Armor All’s snow foam wash which is a pH-balanced sudsy foam great for washing off tough dirt and grime. That’s paired with 18-ounces of wheel cleaner, 18-ounces of glass cleaner, and 16-ounces of tire coating to give your car a top-to-bottom shine.

The kit also comes with a microfiber wash mitt and three microfiber towels. For the interior, you get 16-ounces of Extreme Sheild Protectant spray, Armor All’s 5-in-1 formula designed to clean and protect your interior surfaces from dirt, grime, and UV rays.

8. AUTODECO Car Wash Kit

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If you already have the car wash products you like and are just looking to level up your car washing game with some new gear, this 22-piece car wash kit from AUTODECO comes with a good variety of basics.

In this kit, you get a collapsible bucket, microfiber wash mitt, two super absorbant towels, a window water scraper, a car wheel brush, a tire brush, and three foam wax applicator pads.

For the interior, you get a car duster and a mini duster perfect for cleaning car air vents and other hard-to-reach cracks and crevices. You can store all these items in the durable storage bad for convenient access when you need them.

How To Find The Best Car Wash Kit For You

To avoid ending up with products that you don’t need or won’t use, think about your cleaning needs. For example, do you need a kit that includes only cleaning products such as car shampoo, conditioner, detailing spray, glass cleaner, polish, and wax or do you want a kit that also contains a brush, bucket, washing mitts, sponge, towels, and other tools?

A typical kit for car care will include the following products:

  • Car wash soap or shampoo
  • Glass cleaner
  • Quick detailer spray and maybe an interior detailer
  • Car wax such as carnauba wax
  • Microfiber towels
  • Tire cleaner and shiner

Get a Starter Kit if You’re a Beginner

For beginners or people who just want to stick to the basics, a starter car wash kit will be practical and functional and should prevent you from spending money on products or accessories you might not use. Stick with the basics outlined above and you can’t go wrong. As you get more experienced, you can always level up your game with some additional products or shiny new hardware.

Car Detailing vs. Car Washing

If your goal is to deep clean your car, a detailing kit is the best idea. These kits include specialized solutions such as clay bars, tire shine, and wheel and rim cleaners as well as specialized wheel brushes which you may not find in a simple car wash kit. They also have products both for interior and exterior detailing.

Car wash kits, on the other hand, will stick to the basics needed for washing and polishing up your exterior and interior surfaces. Sometimes they will include additional items like microfiber towels or a microfiber wash mitt. Either way, just be sure you read the product list top-to-bottom before making your purchase so you know what you’re getting in the car cleaning kit.

Look For Ammonia-Free Products

Especially if your car has tinted windows, you will want ammonia-free products to protect the tint. Additionally, if you suffer from respiratory allergies or have asthma, you may want to go for more natural car washing alternatives or eco-friendly products that are free of strong chemicals or fragrances.

Think Green

Some brands offer environmentally friendly solutions by utilizing biodegradable materials or using fewer chemicals in their products. They’ll be better for you and for your car with the added bonus of being kinder on the earth.

Shop Quality Brands & Check User Reviews

As with all products you purchase, reputable brands can guide you in finding high-quality products. Other users’ reviews can also be very helpful in narrowing down your options.

Get The Best Car Washing Kits & Make Your Car Shine

It can be difficult to shop for an affordable and effective car wash kit with all options on the market.  However, when it comes to car washing supplies, buying a good kit is much better than buying individual products because you’ll spend about half as much when buying in a bundle — and they usually come with discounted or free shipping too. And once your new kit arrives, you’ve got everything you need to give your car some TLC and make it shine like brand new.

Frequently Asked Questions

What items do car wash kits contain?

With the massive market that the car washing industry has become, there are kits of all kinds with all types of different items.

Some of the kits only contain cleaning chemicals such as car wash soap, tire foams, wheel cleaners, glass cleaners, and interior detailing solutions.

However, there are also a lot of great kits that contain tools and hardware such as wash guns, sponges, towels, clay bar kits, buckets, and other applicators.

How many washes can I get from a car wash kit?

This will depend on the size of the kit, the contents in it, how dirty your vehicle is, and how good of a clean/detail you’re wanting. Generally, most kits contain enough products for at least four or five good washes, if not more. And, the hardware and applicators that come in some of the kits can last several years when cared for properly.

How do I know if a car washing kit is safe to use on my vehicle?

While there are some more advanced cleaners and polishes on the market that are for more experienced users, most of the general car wash kits on the market are not abrasive or have minimal abrasiveness making them safe to use on all types of vehicle surfaces.

That being said, it never hurts to test a small amount of the product on a small surface of the vehicle’s interior or exterior before you get started. And make sure to read the product instructions for guidance on the amount, application, and other need-to-know information.

Why should I buy a car washing kit?

Quite simply, to keep your car in good condition and to save money.

Regularly clearing your car with high-quality products will ensure your car’s interior and exterior last over time — great for your use while you own it and also maintaining its resale value.

Additionally, you will be saving on the cost of car washes and professional detailing, which can both add up over time.

Plus, with a little effort, you’ll have a car that looks great, making it even more fun to drive.

What is a snow foam car wash kit?

The main goal of snow foam car soap is to soften hardened dirt, road grime, tree sap, or insects so that they can easily be removed without causing any scratches or swirls.

Snow foam can be used as a pre-washing method or as a preparation for hand washing. The mix of detergent, water, and compressed air creates a thick lather that covers the vehicle and looks a bit like a blanket of snow.

The most common method of snow foaming is using a snow foam lance bottle which is connected to a pressure washer gun or wand. Snow foam car wash kits oftentimes come with the bottle and car wash shampoo. They also include attachments such as various nozzle tips or some extras including microfiber cleaning gloves, towels, and wool wash pads.

Remember it is best to apply snow foam to a dry cool surface away from direct sunlight so that the detergent does not dry up prematurely. You can leave it on for up to five minutes and then pressure rinse your vehicle.

What is a waterless car wash kit?

If you worry about using too much water for your home car washing and you want a quick solution to easily remove some light dirt wherever you are, a waterless car wash solution is ideal.

This eco-friendly option utilizes a type of spray detailer which is very easy to use. Simply spray the surface and wipe it off with a clean microfiber towel. Oftentimes, these sprays are enhanced with built-in wax such as natural carnauba wax that adds protection and shine to the surface.

This one-step solution can be used not only on paintwork but also on wheels, bumpers, and sometimes even windows. If done correctly, it will not scratch or damage the paint. Remember that a safe way to use a waterless wash is to use a lot of clean microfiber towels. You can also fold the towel many times so you are always using a clean side to apply the waterless wash.

If you need a fast cleaning solution between washes and there is no thick mud or heavy dirt to remove, a waterless car wash kit is the way to go.

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