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Cars Of The Future: Trends That Will Conserve Energy and Protect the Environment

Updated October 2, 2013

With every passing year, many automobile options are either trending toward green initiatives already – see the current popularity of hybrid cars – or will soon be headed in that direction.

Where will that direction take the automotive industry? Anyone who says they can predict the future should be buying lottery tickets, but we’ll give you a few places we think technology will help cars conserve energy and therefore protect the environment in the future.


Although many hybrid cars have made their way onto the road in recent years, a few complaints remain. Some customers don’t like how expensive the cars can be (therefore saving less money on the gas that is not pumped), and others don’t think their performance is up to par with the gasoline-guzzlers.

But even granting those complaints, it’s important to remember that the hybrid trend is pointing upward. In fact, it’s even blazing a trail for a new kind of trend to emerge behind it: the full-on electric car.


We’ve heard of electric cars before, but rarely do we see them in our day-to-day transits. In the future, however, our reliance on gasoline will be weaned not because we’re using less of it – but because we’re able to use none of it. Cars like the Nissan Leaf are already around, but in the future more car companies will have a fully-electric version that is affordable for car drivers of all incomes to drive.

Additionally, these electric cars will become increasingly performance-driven. We’re already seeing some of that occur with the Tesla, a sports car that is fueled by electricity and not gasoline, and its ability to squeeze a lot of performance from its engine.

Changing Shapes & Materials

Lighter cars are becoming more and more common as a way to save on fuel efficiency and, eventually, the need for gasoline in the first place. It’s likely that as more and more people shift away from the old paradigm of gasoline-powered cars, the shapes of the cars will change, as well.

In the future, cars will use smaller shapes as well as new materials to reduce weight and improve efficiency. And the more people use smaller shapes like hatchbacks, there will be other benefits as well, such as more parking space available for everyone who uses the car – heck, there will even be more space available if you don’t use that type of car.

What’s Next?

The green technology movement is really starting to make itself apparent in the way we choose our cars, but there’s a lot more space available for innovation in the future. Stay tuned and you’ll get to see whether our predictions for the prevalence of electric cars will really pan out.

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