7 2016 Cars & Trucks You Shouldn’t Lose Your Shirt On at Trade-In

Updated May 23, 2018

If you think the words fun and high resale don’t belong in the same sentence, you couldn’t be more wrong. Check out these seven 2016 vehicles for fun and value.

This data comes to us from our friends at Kelley Blue Book, who unlike Gearheads, are a pretty level-headed bunch. They’ve gathered sales data from around the country for years and have calculated which 2016 cars and truck should retain the highest resale value after 5 years of ownership. Good friends to have, don’t you think?

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7. 2016 Subaru WRX – Resale value retained after five years: 50.8%

See, we told you these were fun vehicles. How awesome is it that a compact performance sedan inspired by WRC rally cars would make the list? With an MSRP of  $26,595, the Subaru WRX is powered by a  2.0 L flat-four engine that delivers a hefty 260 hp. An upgrade to Business Class gets you a 2.5 L motor that churns out an impressive 300 hp. Other available upgrades include paddle shifters, a rear spoiler, sport-drive transmission and the Starlink infotainment system.



6. 2016 Toyota Tundra – Resale value retained after five years: 53.8%

Is this a great list or what? We know the Toyota Tundra is a distant 5th in the pickup truck race, but you have to admit that it’s a pretty neat rig. Like the Silverado, the Tundra hasn’t had a major update since 2007, just a light once-over two years (primarily a more aggressive grill and an updated interior). But that hasn’t hurt sales, with a base MSRP of $28,640. The Tundra continues to be offered with a choice of one of three engines: a 4.0L V6, a 4.6L V8, or a 5.7L V8. Although it comes in last in the horsepower war with Ford and Chevy, the Tundra’s over 1000 lb. towing capacity advantage (along with its famous Toyota reliability) make it a fave with used truck buyers.



5. 2016 Jeep Wrangler – Resale value retained after five years: 54.9%

Did I tell you this was a fun list or what? What’s not to love about the Jeep Wrangler? Especially with an MSRP of $23,895. Okay, I wouldn’t want to drive one on a 40 mile round trip commute over the freeway every day, but that’s not what the Wrangler is all about anyway. It’s about making an excuse to go out to the store to buy milk in the middle of a blizzard, even though there’s two gallons in the fridge, just to fool around in the snow. It’s also about detaching the top and doors on a warm summer day, driving it to the beach, and be envied by every pair of eyes that spot you pulling in the lot. So what if the platform is already 10 years old – Jeep has gone longer than between overhauls, but its been updated on a regular basis and is (finally in 2012) powered by a modern engine, the 285 hp 3.6 L Pentastar V6.



4. 2016 Chevrolet Colorado – Resale value retained after five years: 58.3%

The Chevrolet Colorado is Motor Trend’s Truck of the Year, not just based on its performance and capacities, but the fact that it revived an entire category, and in the process bringing the Ford Ranger back to the US. Mid-size trucks had been dismissed and plenty of pundits expressed their opinion that the Colorado would fail. Instead, it blossomed, this year hitting its annual sales goal in just 10 months. Not a dead category at all. The base Colorado comes with an extended cab, and a  200 hp Ecotech four cylinder engine for an  MSRP of $20,120. Of course, cool stuff like crew cabs and the Duramax diesel engine are … more.



3. 2016 GMC Canyon – Resale value retained after five years: 58.6%

As everyone knows (or at least should know) the GMC Canyon is an ever-so-slightly upgraded version of the Chevrolet Colorado with an ever-so-slight higher MSRP of $20,995. The retained values are essentially the same, just 0.3% apart ($875 when adjusted for the difference in base MSRP). Anyway, I guess it really comes down to color, option packages, and the dealer, but in either case you’ll do ok come trade-in time.

2015 GMC Canyon All Terrain SLE Extended Cab Short Bed Front Three Quarter in Cyber Grey


2. 2016 Toyota 4Runner – Resale value retained after five years: 60.3%

I hope this isn’t a spoiler to anyone but the number one and two positions are held by Toyotas. While not always the most exciting vehicles (Corolla? Camry?) their durability is legendary and that’s what drives the secondary market and keeps prices high on used Toyotas. As one of the last of the true SUVs, the 4Runner’s sales have slipped slowly over the past few years, with an MSRP of $35,385, which is above car-based crossovers of roughly the same size. Whether there will be a 4Runner (or at least a 4Runner as we know it) in 5 years remains to be seen. In the meantime, how cool is the rear cargo tray that not only aids loading and unloading but can serve as an impromptu picnic table.



1. 2016 Toyota Tacoma – Resale value retained after five years: 61.7%

No big surprise here: the Toyota Tacoma has been at the top of this list for the last 12 years in a row. Its retained value of 61.7% is amazing when the number seven vehicle on this list just slipped past retaining 50 percent of its MSRP. And speaking of MSRP, while the Tacoma’s $23,300 base is $3,180 higher than the base Chevy Colorado, according to Kelley Blue Book’s calculations, the Tacoma will be worth $14,376.10 or a full $2,646.14 more than the expected value of the Colorado. Now that’s a return on investment!




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