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CFMoto V.02-NK Concept 1

CFMoto V.02-NK Concept: A KTM V-Twin From China?

The CFMoto V.02-NK Is The Best Concept To Come Out Of China So Far

The CFMoto V.02-NK concept shows off the Chinese firms plans for the future, and hints at an even more promising partnership with KTM. We’ve talked at length about Chinese motorcycles, and while there is definitely a stigma attached to them, it won’t be long until we all re-evaluate our thought process. With each passing day, Chinese manufacturing firms are getting better and better – and leading the charge we have CFMoto. CFMoto are one of Chinese most convincing motorcycle manufacturers, and this latest concept is proof that the company is planning on becoming a legitimate player on the global scene.

CFMoto V.02-NK Concept 4

While the CFMoto V.02-NK is only a concept model, we like what we see and hope that the company can develop the idea into a full on production model. But what is it about the design that gets us so excited? Well, apart from the obviously impressive bodywork, it’s the engine that has really caught our eye. In the past, CFMoto’s more exciting designs were built around a faithful Chinese-copy of Kawasaki’s rock steady ER-6 650cc parallel twin motor. However, the firm had expressed a desire to work “towards greater displacement” and it seems that they’ve managed to fulfill that desire by powering the V.02-NK concept with a KTM RC8 V-twin motor. And depending on which size they opted for, that would put the concept over 1000cc in capacity, and perhaps as high as 1301cc. A KTM engine copy, you ask? No. The real deal.

A KTM Powered Machine? The CFMoto V.02-NK!

CFMoto V.02-NK Concept 1

KTM have actually struck up a partnership with CFMoto and the two firms made an agreement to develop new models together – so that’s very likely a genuine KTM power plant sitting in the CFMoto V.02-NK concept model. This isn’t a new thing though – in fact, over the past 12 months we’ve seen a few established motorcycle brands lending their support to less known emerging manufacturers. Norton have gone into business with ZongShen, BMW Motorrad have been working with TVS, and Triumph have teamed up with Bajaj. And we expect to see more partnerships like this in the future.

CFMoto V.02-NK Concept 2

It’s a great way for big names brands to develop specific models for these emerging markets, and it also provides up and coming manufacturers a chance to break into Western markets by association. By using European components, it gives these new brands more credibility and will help them to shift more product. But what about the CFMoto V.02-NK concept? Apart from the KTM motor, what else is there to write home about?

CFMoto V.02-NK Concept 3

Well, it’s obvious that KTM’s regular design bureau Kiska has had some kind of a hand in the bodywork, since it carries a lot of KTM’s signature styling and a textbook trellis frame but apart from that we can see two big air scoops at the front, an underseat radiator (which we would prefer in the usual “up front” gap instead) and a single sided swingarm. We can also spy some carbon fiber brake discs, though we won’t be seeing those on any viable production model. There are Brembo brakes and Ohlins suspension in play too…but even though they’re more realistic than carbon brake discs, we doubt they’ll make it to a production model. WP suspension, perhaps…

CFMoto V.02-NK Concept 5

It’ll be interesting to see the overall build quality of one of these if it makes it into production. If it can stand the test of time, it might be a signal that China is ready to bring their wares to the international table.

CFMoto V.02-NK Concept 6


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