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Chang Feng Motors – Chang Feng CS 7

In 2018 China Car Times was acquired by Autowise. This article originally appeared on

China Car Times hasnt yet posted anything about Cheng Feng motors, the company that Mao started to supply the PLA with an endless supply of Jeeps to help them push socialism into the very corners of China. Well, Cheng Feng has been busy at the drawing board and popped up out some excellent looking machines for 2007. Originally, Cheng Feng just copied designs from Mitsubishi especially the Pajero both long and short wheeled versions. I like the short wheeled version especially.

This car is being written up as a concept car on many websites, but when at the Beijing Car Show China Car Times asked a salesperson for Chang Feng about the price of the CS7, and he responded with around 250,000RMB so China Car Times can guess it isnt a concept and will be put into production.



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